Love in Antarctica

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Antarctica love

It’s hard to spot, but when you see it, you’ll wonder how you ever missed it.

I was on the bridge, warming up from being out on the deck. I stared at the detail of the cliffs of Coulman Island, marveling at their size and the snow pack seemingly teetering on top of them. That’s when I saw it…love. Amidst the dark stone cliff there was a lighter caramel colored stone, shaped in a heart. It was fitting that I discovered love in Antarctica as I think it’s the place I love the most on this earth.

“Once you have been to the white unknown, you can never escape the call of the little voices.” –Frank Wild, Shackleton’s right-hand man

Love is why I went back to Antarctica, the voices called me back. Antarctica makes you feel like you are on another planet, I love how it makes you feel small, I love how you are forced to disconnect, I love that humans are not in charge, I love following the path of the explorers, and I love this is the one place on this earth that no one really owns.

Coulman Island wasn’t the only place I found love on this trip below the Antarctic Circle. I also found it below my feet on Inexpressible Island as I hiked up to the ridge for views of the Priestly Glacier. But the best love I found was on Franklin Island when it waddled up to me in the form of a Adelie penguin chick molting its feathers…in the shape of a fluffy heart.

Heart Antarctica

A heart made by snow on Inexpressible Island Antarctica

Love penguin

Sometimes love just waddles up to you in the form of a penguin.

Mother Nature is full of love.

Travel Love

One of the hardest things about traveling and living nomadically is the chance of finding and having romantic relationships. However, I actually found my current love in Antarctica 4 years ago…he was on my ship. My love life is always full of ups and downs, but the one love I can always count on is travel.

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I like to look for love all over the world as I travel, and this past year was no exception. I found hearts in strange places this year in Mexico, Spain, Germany, New York City, Alaska, Maine, and I even found a whole hotel designed with love in mind. Sometimes it’s hard to find, but I just know it’s around. And sometimes, like the hotel in Begur, love practically hits you over the head.

Lake Clark National Park heart

Love at Alaska’s Lake Clark National Park

Besalu Spain love

Look closely for love in the stairs in the medieval town of Besalu in Costa Brava

hiking love

Hiking love along the Camino Ronda Coastal Path in Costa Brava Spain

Libby Camp Maine love

Love in bed…or on top of the bed …in Maine’s Libby Sporting camp cabins.

Mendocino love

Northern California Love on the Mendocino coast

I heart nyc homeless

Tough Love in NYC’s Central Park

Spencer Glacier love

Cold-hearted Love on Spencer Glacier in Alaska

Girona love

Love forever along Girona’s medieval wall in Spain

Donauworth love

Love in Death at a crypt in Donauworth Germany

NYC love street art

Stretching love in NYC

Costa Brava Coastal Path love

Love below my feet on the Costa Brava Coastal path in Spain

Bowling Ball Beach Love

Heart of Stone on Bowling Ball beach in Northern California

Green love

Green love in Oaxaca Mexico

Flower Festival Girona love

Tomato love at Girona’s flower festival

Aiguaclara Love Hotel in Begur Spain

Protect your heart

A great reminder about love on the streets of NYC

Let’s Hear it for Love!

Read the story of how I uncovered a love story in a bell tower in Germany here…

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