Things to do in Antarctica :

  • Visit the Port Lockroy museum and get a glimpse of the history of what life was like in this remote area.
  • Enjoy some vodka at the Ukranian Vernadsky base bar.
  • Do a little shopping – Port Lockroy, the UK base, provided the most extensive shopping experience with a large gift shop of Antarctica souvenirs, but Vernadsky, the Ukranian base, boasts the Southernmost Souvenir Shop in the world!
  • Explore the ghost town of Whaler Bay on Deception Island.
  • Do some sea kayaking. Kayaking is the best thing about a cruise to Antarctica and the best way to get out on the still glassy water and see a completely different perspective.
  • Observe the adorableness of Antarctica’s penguins. It is home to 6 different species – Adelies, Chinstraps, Emperors, Gentoos, Macaronis and Rockhoppers.

Pictures of Antarctica :

Playful penguins, incredible icebergs and wondrous water – all of this awaits you in my Antarctica photo gallery.

See my Ultimate Antarctica Packing List

Antarctica packing is much more than just ensuring you have warm clothes!  Before you go, make sure you have all of these Antarctica items!

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Responsible Travel in Antarctica and the Ross Sea

April 6, 2017 4 Comments »

antarctic toothfish ross sea protection

I stared out at the snow covered glaciers and mountains. The landscape looked like a giant sweet potato casserole with melted marshmallow bumps on top. That’s Antarctica – a bunch of marshmallow bumps. I focused in on the ice-strewn water. It undulated ever so slowly as if it were breathing. It’s very disorienting to have […]

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I love traveling to places that are lesser known, but spectacular. It makes me feel like I’ve found this great little secret. New Zealand of course is well known, but the New Zealand islands are not, and that’s exactly why they should be on your New Zealand itinerary. The Subantarctic Islands, aren’t really a secret […]

The Art and Life of Ice in Antarctica

March 30, 2017 8 Comments »

iceberg images antarctica

“The ice was here, the ice was there. The ice was all around. It cracked and groaned and roared and howled like noises in a swound.” — The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge One of the main reasons I wanted to take this expedition cruise to Eastern Antarctica and the Ross Sea was […]

Is Cooking at Sea the Hardest Place to be a Chef?

March 27, 2017 11 Comments »

cooking at sea spirit of enderby

Crash! A pan slides off the counter, as Chef Max grabs at air. He was one second too late to catch it as it went plummeting to the floor and the chopped veggies end up all over the kitchen floor. I could see Max immediately go into ‘plan B’ mode. The ship was traversing through […]

Going to Great Heights for Citizen Science

March 23, 2017 2 Comments »

citizen science travel

I step outside and the cold wind stings as it hits my face. I’m bundled up, but that first step out on deck is always an abrupt one. I hold the glass flask under my arm carefully, as if I’m carrying a baby, and have a tight grip on the railing with my other hand. […]

Cruising the Ross Sea in Antarctica

March 21, 2017 11 Comments »

Ross Sea Antarctica Cruise

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to leave sight of the shore…” –Andre Gide We left sight of shore 12 days ago. We bobbed and swayed through the Southern Ocean and finally the jagged peaks of the Admiralty Range came into view. The captain slowly navigated us through the sea ice closer and […]

Silence on the Southern Ocean

March 16, 2017 8 Comments »

Digital Detox Vacation Antarctica

The first thing I do every morning is wake up, turn to the side of the bed, and pick up my phone to check email and social media ‘likes’. I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t even look at the news; I look at social media likes and comments first. But I have a feeling […]

How to Pack for an Antarctica Cruise

March 14, 2017 12 Comments »

Antartica Packing List

If you are going to the bottom of the world, one would think you are simply packing the warmest stuff you can find – but there’s much more to an Antarctica packing list than warm clothes! I’ve been to Antarctica twice now, and each time I was surprised to find out the weather wasn’t as […]

Outnumbered on Macquarie Island

March 9, 2017 7 Comments »

Macquarie Island king penguins

There are 50,000 of them and 50 of us. We officially were in the minority now. The animals are in charge, we are the visitors, and suddenly have to play by their rules. There are few places on the planet where humans are the visitors, however this rarely traveled southern part of the globe is […]

What to Expect On A Journey to Eastern Antarctica

March 7, 2017 5 Comments »

eastern antarctica

Approximately 500 tourists come through the Southern Ocean to Eastern Antarctica each austral summer, while 40,000 take the route from South America through the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula. Why do so few people take this route to Eastern Antarctica? Because it’s hard, unpredictable, rough, riddled with ice, and the journey simply takes a […]