Happy Holidays and Bucket Lists

December 21, 2017   4 Comments »

Happy Holidays and Bucket Lists

December 21, 2017 4 Comments »

I was working late one night and had a surprising email from a potential client come across my screen.  It talked about a possible opportunity to work on a travel project with a theme of’ ‘Firsts’.  They asked me to provide my list of ‘firsts’ (bucket list items) I wanted to do – and encouraged me to dream big.

My first reaction was excitement; it’s fun to dream about all of the things you want to do.  Most people have a bucket list of items and places they’d love to go and things they hope to do. I’m sure you are daydreaming right now about your bucket list of places and experiences that you have never done before but would like to.

I started to think about my list and for some reason I was drawing a blank.  It surprised me.  Why couldn’t I come up with things?  Everything that came to mind was stuff I had already done, or was planning to do next year. I went to my original bucket list post I did years ago to see if that could jog my memory.  As I looked through it, I realized I really needed to update it because I had unknowingly done a number of the things on the list or was scheduled to do them in 2018.  Not to mention all of the things I have done that weren’t even on that list; sleep in an igloo, cross the Antarctic Circle, drive on an ice road, herd reindeer, ride in a hot air balloon, sleep in the Sahara, go on safari, see polar bears, cross the Bering Straight, bungee jump, and see Machu Picchu…twice (!).

My mind was a blank, I sat back and thought about this weird feeling and complete happiness came over me.  I realized I have had a very fortunate decade, one in which I’ve been able to do so many things all over the world; I felt grateful.

So this holiday I’m pretty thankful about the incredible journey I’ve been on these last 11 years, and excited about what is yet to come. When I really put my mind to it, I was able to think of a list of things that still remain on my list of ‘firsts’ I’d like to do.  I guess that means I should just keep traveling, and that’s exactly what I plan to do in 2018.

Holiday Video Message

Speaking of keeping going, I have worked hard to keep my annual holiday video going too! I don’t send Christmas cards or form letters, instead I send a little video.  And since I have no kids to show off, I tend to show off my travels.

Don’t get dizzy as you watch the globe spin to all of the destinations I went to in 2017.  They took me to both the southern and northern hemispheres, as well as the Arctic and Antarctic circle! I only went to one new country this last year, however I had an immense amount of other ‘firsts’ when it comes to experiences.  You may even add some things to your bucket list of ‘firsts’ after watching the video!

Holidays at Home

After being on the road for the holidays for a number of years, I always love to spend this time of year at home now. But that has a new meaning to me this year becuase for the first time in 11 years I actually have a home now in Denver.  I’ve been baking cookies, helping friends decorate trees, going to holiday shows, and out to see the lights.

However, I won’t be in Denver for Christmas, I’ll be heading to my ‘other home’ – in South Dakota to see my parents for a few fun filled days. I hope this holiday you are able to spend time with the ones you love. Have a safe holiday season and let’s keep on knocking things off our bucket lists for 2018!

south dakota barn

Home at my parent’s house for the holidays!

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