Holiday Video Greetings

December 27, 2012 11 Comments »

Happy Holidays from Buenos Aires where I’m currently staying, celebrating the holidays, and working after my Antarctica trip.  I can’t wait to bring you all my Antarctica stories and photos, but first things first – my annual holiday video card for the 6th year in a row.  Sitting here in my little shared apartment in steamy Buenos Aires and going through photos from 2012 has been a wonderful experience.  It has reminded me of just how many great experiences I’ve had this year and how many wonderful new friends I’ve also made.

For those of you who have welcomed me into your life I give you a big electronic hug and a thank you.  I wouldn’t be able to do any of these things without people like you.

Enjoy this video trip across 10 countries, and 4 continents!  Happy Holidays! –Sherry

I’ve been doing this 6 years – if you are a new reader and curious what the other years looked like – you can check them out here:

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Do you have a favorite?

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