Holiday Video Greetings 2014

December 18, 2014 15 Comments »

Happy Holidays!  It’s been 8 years of doing holiday wrap up videos…each time I have to sit and relearn how to use the damn video editing software – which normally leads to me drinking a bit too much egg nog.  This year was no exception.  But hey – the eggnog and the millions of times I’ve listened to the jingle bells soundtrack while trying to edit has put me in the holiday spirit.  Woohoo Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years!

As much as I hate the video editing process (yes – the fact that I continue to do it tells you just how much I love you dear readers), it is fun to sort of relive my year of travels.  Here’s a few stats for my travel year in review 2014:

2014 recap

It never fails as I end the day of holiday greeting editing – I feel so ridiculously grateful for the life I live, my friends & family, people I have met along the way, and new experiences.  And I end the day a little drunk too – which isn’t bad.  It’s fun for me to take a walk through the year and get perspective.  However I realize that watching a 3 minute video like this can be sort of like being forced to watch someone’s wedding video…gag (I don’t care if you are family).  So – if you want to skip the video (and pretty pictures), then just take this message with you – Happy Holidays to you and your family from Ottsworld!

Enjoy my Holiday video…a lot of sweat and drinking went into it… (and sorry about the stupid ad on the video.  Mom – just click the X on the upper right hand side or the ad and it will go away)

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