Keeping to Traditions – Holiday Greetings 2016

December 20, 2016   10 Comments »

Keeping to Traditions – Holiday Greetings 2016

December 20, 2016 10 Comments »

I was a child of traditions. I loved Christmas most of all when I was a kid due to the traditions; picking out the tree, putting it up, decorating it, baking Christmas cookies, wrapping presents, our traditional Christmas Eve routine, and even our Christmas breakfast cinnamon rolls – it was always the same. Same as a child was good – I loved routine then, it was predictable and beautiful to me then. However, it wasn’t always fun, in fact some of those traditional events were really rather stressful among my family – but when you look back on your life traditions, even stress can be a lovely tradition. As I became an adult I left many routines behind. And when I started traveling on my initial career break I basically said FU to any routines and started wandering aimlessly. After a decade of nomadic travel, I have very few Christmas traditions (or any traditions) any longer, but I think that makes me appreciate the old ones even more.

A Decade of Holiday Traditions

This is my 10th Holiday Video – I can safely say it’s a tradition. In fact it was that pull of tradition that made me carve time from a very busy schedule, forgo sleep and get this 2016 holiday video created. Most parts of my mind and body just wanted to skip it this year – but that damn tradition – 10 years – made me power through the process of pulling it all together. The show must go on!

And here’s a little fun fact – holidays cards have global origins – according to NPR, the ancient Chinese would send cards to celebrate the New Year, as did the Egyptians, who would mark papyrus scrolls with messages. In Europe, people began giving handmade paper cards for Valentine’s Day around the early 1400s. But cards really took off in the 1850s as the printing press made card production quicker and cheaper. So it’s fitting that I’m sending you this video card message this year from my hotel room in New Zealand!

As I started to work thought the spinning globe section – it was a reminder of where I’ve been and just how much I’m moving. In fact, when I got done with just the spinning globe section it was nearly 3 minutes already – I had to cut some details out! When I watch that globe spin I noticed that I stuck to more North America on the globe more this year and did very little Europe and no Asia in 2016. That surprised me a little, but I’ve been much more interested in very specific adventure experiences and have really lost interest in ticking off countries.

Travel experience highlights for 2016 were plenty – especially the Costa Brava hike with my father, heading back to Alaska, and doing a polar bear safari in Churchill. Plus I did a lot of family travel this year which has been really rewarding – including the NieceProject 5.0 trip that I’m currently on.

With no further ado…Happy Holidays and cue the 10th Ottsworld Holiday Video 2016!


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