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The Perfect New England Getaway

July 19, 2016 15 Comments »

New england getaway cruise

I grew up in the landlocked Midwest. Summers were spent at swimming pools, running through sprinklers, and sliding down a big yellow slip’n slide we set up in our yard. That was my only real exposure to water activities and water culture. I’m comfortable with cornfields, mile roads, and farming culture because that’s what I […]

Travel To New England Seaside Towns

June 30, 2016 3 Comments »

New England seaside town nantucket

New England seaside towns and the East Coast is the area where it all started – the colonies that were to become America. All last week I experienced the New England seaside and boating culture – from yachts to sailboats, to fishing vessels, small ships, and giant mansions. I grew up in the Midwest so […]

Boston has Soul…Food

July 21, 2010 3 Comments »

It was a measly 140 characters that came dancing across my screen and firmly implanted itself it the part of my brain responsible for desire.  It happened quickly…before I could even object.  Hen House had taken up residence in my brain, and now my desire had to be satiated. Fried chicken and waffles.  Together.  As […]

Southie Trail

July 20, 2010 6 Comments »

When traveling to Boston 80% of the people stick to the Freedom Trail re-familiarizing themselves on stories of American independence while being herded through the heart of the city. However I like to separate from the herd, and that’s just what I did as I explored a neighborhood off the tourist trail, South Boston. Southie, […]