Boston has Soul…Food

July 21, 2010 3 Comments »

I love a well 'connected' waffle!

It was a measly 140 characters that came dancing across my screen and firmly implanted itself it the part of my brain responsible for desire.  It happened quickly…before I could even object.  Hen House had taken up residence in my brain, and now my desire had to be satiated.

Fried chicken and waffles.  Together.  As one happy calorie-filled family.  I had to have it.

I found a friend, Marty,  who was willing to join me in this soul food artery attack in Boston.  On one of the hottest days of the year, we met at the Hen House where of course the air conditioner was broken; getting things off to a rough and sweaty start.  The inside of the Hen House was simple…very simple.  Plastic utensils, plastic plates, and lots of fountain soda graced the counter top; above that was an impressive collection of chicken knick-knacks.  The woman behind the counter had a cold, wet towel draped around her neck and  looked at me waiting for an order to come out of my mouth.   I stood there with an indecisive look on my face, a look the woman behind the counter was all too used to.  It was as if she didn’t have any more time to deal with a rookie.

The Hen House was all about decisions…hard decisions.

I stared at the menu board trying to determine what waffle, chicken combination I wanted to try.  There were 4 hard decisions to make:

Decisions, Decisions...

I was paralyzed and on top of it was sweating profusely from the lack of air conditioning.  I finally gave up and asked the young girl behind the counter what her favorite was.  She quickly said banana, honey whipped, maple, tenders…all run together so fast I had to ask her to repeat it.  I went with her advice since she was the professional.

After 5 minutes I soon heard my name called and out came a plastic plate with a round waffle on it, a large dollop of butter melting into the little squares of the waffle, and topped with 4 pieces of chicken tenders.

Nice presentation!

I took my plastic utensils and dug in to the sticky, crispy goodness.  This unlikely combination was everything I was expecting and more.  The silky butter and maple syrup mixture even managed to make me forget about how hot it was in the restaurant! Marty and I both finished our plastic plates and agreed Boston did indeed have soul…food.

To learn more about Boston’s Hen House resaturant serving up soul food into the wee hours of the night, check out their website at One of the niceest developed webs sites I’ve seen for a fun little restaurant.  Plus – you can also find the Hen House on Facebook and Twitter!

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