Sliema Photo Walk

March 23, 2012 7 Comments »

Sliema Malta

One of the many churches you'll find in Sliema

During my two weeks in Malta I stayed in the charming neighborhood of Sliema. It was a perfect location to get out and see the rest of the island via the extensive, albeit slow, bus system.

Its best asset is its promenade, which was recently developed and winds like a ribbon around the twisting inlets of Malta’s coast. Every day the promenade is filled with locals, kids, pets, and runners who are soaking up the sun and the sea air. The promenade is dotted with ancient towers, sculptures, cafes, a myriad of benches, and playgrounds.

Opposite the promenade are modern hotels and condos which seem rather cold and lifeless, but the real estate is prime and considering Malta is a vacation destination for many Europeans, the high rises make sense. However, it doesn’t take but a few blocks to get beyond the perimeter of high rises and back into the real, local neighborhoods of Sliema which is where I was most happy with my camera. The architecture, house names,  and little bars kept me entertained for hours as I would walk around the winding streets with my camera.

sliema malta

The inlets make a jagged but calm coastline in Sliema

doors malta


malta balconies

The Sliema houses are some of the best kept houses in Malta

market malta

Small neighborhood markets are found on every corner.


There are ample places to sit and enjoy the view along the promenade


Loved the symmetry of this corner home in Sliema.

selling fish

A mobile fish vendor stands on the corner in the neighborhood.


The promenade offers a perfect place to stroll or run.

sliema malta

Colorful doors, balconies, and cars!

sliema park

Green space makes the Sliema water front a place everyone wants to be.


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