The View From My Rickshaw

May 22, 2014 18 Comments »

Rickshaw Run Window (2)

The view from our rickshaw…

Only one team member can drive at a time during the Rickshaw Run, so that means half of the time you are a passenger.  As a passenger, the back seat wasn’t very comfortable, but somehow we managed to sleep, eat, drink, and backseat drive all from the rear seat.  A few days when I had the energy I got out my camera and tried my best to capture what we saw from the view of our rickshaw.  It was fun shooting out of a moving vehicle as it was the only way I could really capture the excitement and confusion of the people who saw us, two foreign women, driving the rickshaw.  Overall I didn’t really get to do as much photography as I was expecting as part of the Rickshaw Run – other things like driving, schedule, and safety took precedence over doing my normal photography.

People were constantly taking photos of us every time we stopped the rickshaw.  I became really curious as to what happened to those photos of us on people’s phones.  Did they take them and show them off to their friends?  How did they tell the story of us eating at their restaurant to their friends?  Did they show up on their Facebook page where their friends commented on the crazy foreigners?  It bugged me that I would never know the story and life of the photographs people took of us.  I would have loved to try to follow one of the photos and find out where it ended up.  Who knows, maybe some of the people had a blog and were sharing them as I share photos of people when I travel!

Regardless,  I thought it would be fun to share my favorite rickshaw run photos from my point of view –  as a passenger in my rickshaw.

Rickshaw Run Window (1)


Rickshaw Run Window (3)

Rickshaw Run Window (4)

Rickshaw Run Window (5)

Rickshaw Run Window 2

Rickshaw Run Window (6)

Rickshaw Run Window (7)

Rickshaw Run Window (8)

Rickshaw Run Window (9)


Rickshaw Run Window (10)

Rickshaw Run Window (11)

Rickshaw Run Window 1

Rickshaw Run Window


To see all the photos of the View from my Rickshaw – check out my gallery of Rickshaw Run Photography:

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