Things to do in India :

  • Celebrate Holi! The festival begins with a bonfire and culminates in “playing Holi” – the act of dousing friends, neighbors and perfect strangers in brightly colored powders.
  • Spend the day with an elephant friend at the Elephantastic park in Jaipur where you can feed, walk with, paint and swim with your elephant. The animals at the government sponsored park were treated humanely and cared for well.
  • Venture out of Udaipur into the countryside to visit Kumhalgath Fort or Ranakpur Temple. Each offers unique architecture and history and a chance to get away from the bustle of the city.
  • Want to take on a wild adventure? The Rickshaw Run is a 2000 mile pan Indian joyride with a little danger thrown in for good measure and supports great causes like clean, safe drinking water.

Hotels in India :

  • Delicious freshly made food, beautifully architecture and comfortable rooms all on a private island just South of Kochi – Soma Kerla Palace offers it all!
  • Radisson Blu Jaipur was a great place – with comfortable surroundings and a ridiculously large breakfast buffet – to ease into Jaipur and the Holi festival.
  • Jagat Niwas Palace in Udaipur was a lovely gem of a hotel overlooking the lake.

Pictures of India :

India is a riot of color. From the rich hues of spices in the market, to pink palaces and the rainbow spectacle of Holi, India offers a varied and brilliant palette. Add a little color into your life by visiting my India photo gallery.

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