How to Follow Us on The #RickshawRun

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Starts Sunday April 6th, 2014

This Sunday we say bon voyage to what slice of normalcy we have created for our selves in India so far and hop in our Rickshaw to travel Northeast towards Shillong (nearly in India).  You’ve heard me rattle on about this Rickshaw Run 2014 race for months and beg you all for money for our charity.  But now it’s here.

We got our first glimpse of our mechanical turd this week and we are now starting the comical process of learning how to drive it in a little plot of land surrounded by fences.  I wonder if the fences and security is to protect us or them – I’m not sure.  We are in the process of also getting supplies we may need such as tarps, bungee cords, and the appropriate Indian Hindu Gods to place lovingly on our dash.

How to Follow Along

After a day of ridiculous butt numbing rickshaw driving – I will look forward to your comments to keep me going.  So please join along. How can you follow us on this 2 week adventure?  There are many, many ways…pick your poison and follow along.

• Follow the #RickshawRun hashtag in Instagram, Twitter, G+ or FB
• Follow @Ottsworld & @CharlieGrosso on Instagram
• Follow @Ottsworld & @CharlieGrosso on Twitter
• Follow our FB pages: OttsworldTravel & SpyTravelogue
• Follow our blogs where we will be attempting to do live updates about every 3 days with pictures and short updates that our shoddy internet will allow.
• Follow along at the Rickshaw Run site and see our updates on a map

Are we Ready?  Judge for Yourselves

We put together a short little video about our first thoughts and plans about the race we are about to undertake, our fears, predictions, and (lack of) planning & mechanical skills.

What the heck is The Rickshaw Run? from Charlie Grosso on Vimeo.

Yes, we are really going to do this.  Sunday we put putt putt off in a blaze of glory…that will resemble exhaust smoke.

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