Shopping at the Rialto Market

May 3, 2012 6 Comments »

blood red orange

Blood red oranges were in season and in abundance

The Rialto Market is buzzing with activity; boats pull up to docks and burly men unload crates of blood red oranges and artichokes, locals laugh and socialize with the shop keepers, and the fish mongers scale and prepare the fresh catches of the day.  This is the main market for locals on the island of Venice and it’s located beside the Rialto bridge. The surrounding area is full of great photo opportunities if you are willing to wander down some dead ends and get lost.   Be sure to come early in the morning to get the best pick of produce and fish.  Plus, if you want to see the general activity of the market then you must get up early!

I didn’t only go to take photos, I also decided to go to the market to get fresh, seasonal fruit and veggies to cook dinner at my cute little Venice apartment.  Going out to dinner in Venice can be really expensive, so having a kitchen allows you to save some money, and still have great Italian food.  Simply ask the fishmonger how to prepare a certain fish and he’ll gladly give you instructions.  By purchasing seasonal veggies and interacting with the shopkeepers, you’ve given yourself a great local experience during your time in Venice.  Just another reason why I love staying in apartments when I travel!


When you get to this clock tower, you know you are close!

fish market

Beautifully dressed local women buying fish


Colorful scallop shells

rialto bridge

Rialto bridge - the namesake of the market


Unloading crates of fruit from the boat

rialto market

The outdoor market is surrounded by beatiful, old buildings


Locals catching up on their way to/from the market


Tasty artichokes were in high season - found throughout the market

Thanks to the Go with Oh readers for this great Venice tip.  See all my favorite Venice travel tips I received.

From the Rialto market direct to my Go with Oh Apartment table! Cooking up a meal with friends in Venice!

Disclosure: Go with Oh hosted my apartment lodging in Venice. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own – as you know how I love to speak my mind!

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