Short on time in London? Stop at a Museum!

October 14, 2011 21 Comments »

columns natural history museum london

The grand entrance at the Natural History Museum


London has done it right, they’ve made their many museums completely accessible to everyone.  Unlike other art hub cities (ahem…New York City) – London has made their museum admission completely free encouraging everyone to enjoy and hopefully appreciate the art treasures inside.  I only had a short time in London, but I was able to get to a couple of museums thanks to the ‘free’ policy.  The free policy allows you to simply make a quick stop in a museum and stay for a couple of hours to maybe see a particular wing or exhibit and not feel like you have to spend the whole day there to recoup the value of the ticket.    My stops included the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum (which is massive).  I ran out of time for the modern art I wanted to see, but I know that next time I’m back in London I can simply pop on it for a bit and check it out!

London is full of museums, so be sure to make a stop in a few of them…you don’t have to stay long!

london museum

Inside the Natural History Museum


Glass art

A beaturiful glass exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum


Old Royal Naval College

Old Royal Navel College next to the Maritme Museum


Victoria and Albert Museum is a maze of balconies and massive views

London Museum

Natural History Museum from the outside


Tombs at the Victoria and Albert Museum


The ornate glass art in the entrace of the Victoria and Albert Museum


museum london

The ornate entrance of the Natural History Museum


To learn more about the free museums in London and get a complete list of London museums, check out Visit London website.


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