Do Things That Scare You

July 27, 2011 2 Comments »


Warren, Betsy, and I

I’ve been lucky enough to meet up with many friends in London in between doing Mongol Rally prep.  One of the friends I met was Warren and Betsy Talbot from Married with Luggage Blog.  Meeting them for the first time after working with them digitally was a real treat.  It was as if I was meet long, lost friends.  We talked about travel, career breaks, men (or lack thereof), and the Mongol Rally of course.  It seems like everyone is interested in the rally – and I don’t blame them…it’s kinda cool, but I hardly feel like it’s real.

Betsy and Warren took the time to feed me beers and then interview me on why I was doing the Mongol Rally. Here’s the video interview for your viewing pleasure.  This is actually part of a blog post that they did over on their wonderful site that talks about doing things that scare you.

One of my favorite things about the post they did is that their readers are commenting on it and sharing secrets about what scares them. So make sure you stop on by their post and add the things that scare you and what you are going to do about it!

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