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18 Comments 30 September 2010

Afternoon Eiffle Tower View

My 36 hours in Paris were dedicated to photography; it was my only goal.

Photography is still very new to me; I bought my first SLR camera in 2006 and took lessons to learn how to use the camera.  Therefore my first travels never really had a photography element to them. Therefore, when I found myself near Paris 8 years after my first trip there, I knew I wanted to capture the city photographically; making up for the lack of pictures I took 8 years prior.

I arrived in the late afternoon from Brussels and decided to forgo a hotel reservations in Paris and instead stay with my friend Audrey and her adorable cat Eros, I was off and clicking with my camera. I started in Audrey’s neighborhood and went to Pere LaChais Cemetery on recommendation from Mark at Travel Wonders. Visiting a foreign cemetery may seem strange, but this cemetery was more like a park; gorgeous landscaping, rolling hills, interesting tombstones, and famous people were put to rest there. A truly unique travel experience that shouldn’t be missed in Paris.

View all Pere LaChaise Cemetery photography

That evening I took a long metro ride to get some shots of the Eiffel Tower at night. I wasn’t subject to the new blinking light show at the Eiffel Tower thankfully as I prefer the traditional over the new age light shows any day…or night!

Thanks to some great advice I received on Twitter and on Facebook, I started the next day early; sunrise at Sacre Coeur and a walk through Montmartre neighborhood before anyone was awake.

I picked up a picnic lunch and hopped on the subway riding towards Place de la Concorde. Here I sat in the park by one of the large fountain pools and soaked up Paris. I took off my shoes, sat in a comfy chair, ate my baguette, and relaxed. After my picnic lunch I walked through the park towards the Louvre. This was my first chance really seeing the controversial pyramid at the Louvre entrance. From a photography perspective, I loved the pyramid, from an architecture perspective, I’m still a little ‘iffy’ on the pyramid.

I walked along the Seine River towards Ile de la Cite and quickly view Notre Dame amongst the thousands of tourists. My pristine blue skies seemed to be disappearing fast as dark clouds started taking over the blue sky. I crossed over to the left bank and hopped back on the metro towards the Eiffel Tower in hopes to catch the famed tower with a nice blue backdrop. However, by the time I got off the metro and walked to the Eiffel Tower, the dark clouds had settled in. However, no matter what the backdrop, the Eiffel Tower is always elegant.

I went to a café to rest my feet and get a jolt of espresso and then continue across the river towards Trocadero in order to get shots of the Eiffel Tower from the other direction. Luckily, as I sat by the fountains at Trocadero The clouds slowly gave way to blue skies again. This had to be one of the strangest photography weather days I had experienced! After getting my landscapes of the tower with a blue background, I then continued walking to the Arc de Triumph. I passed on the expensive ticket to go to the top and decided instead to stay on the ground.

My day was quickly disappearing so after a quick walk down the Champs Elysees I hopped back on the metro, picked up my backpack at Audrey’s and said goodbye to Eros and made my way back to Gare du Nord. I sat in my train seat gently rocking with the train movement, reviewing my day of photography. The trip was quick, but completely worth it as this time, I had digital memories which would last forever.

Photos of my 36 hours in Paris:

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18 Comments so far

  1. Mark Tisdale says:

    I was there in January, just a bit longer, but with the shorter days, we may be about even! Love the shots of Pere Lachaise!

  2. Sarah Wu says:

    I never been to Paris and I love these photos. Great shots, makes me want to fly there and use my camera :)

  3. Amy says:

    Love that first shot of the cemetery and the Sacre Coeur. Oh and the paints!

  4. Alison says:

    Truly stunning work Sherry! I love the quiet moments at Montmartre you captured!

  5. Laura says:

    Sherry, As always your pictures are amazing! The clouds are so dramatic and I like your unusual angles. I’m hoping to take a photography class when I get back home to better master settings on my camera :)

  6. Gray says:

    My God, Sherry, these are truly stunning photos! Wow. Thanks for getting me in the mood for my trip to Paris!

  7. Mark H says:

    Just superb. I love the close-ups of the artist’s palette (so French with the little sign), the Pere Lachaise cemetery and the sharp angles of the familiar Parisian landmarks. As good as you find in any coffee table book on Paris…

  8. letitia says:

    Great pics! Just wondering about your gear, how did you decide what lens(es) to bring with you?

    • admin says:

      For city shooting I like to take my wide angle lens (10 to 20) – it really is great to capture the scene – and it’s especially great for making the clouds take shape and practically pop out of the picture. It’s actually my new favorite lens! I also take my every day lens which is my best quality and is 17 to 55. Quite frankly though – on a day like that in Paris – where my main goal was photography – I took all 3 of my lenses. I’m used to carrying the equipment and I like to have the variety!

  9. Angie says:

    These are gorgeous! You post made me remember fondly our trip. Never forget the bike ride through Bordeaux. Still hold true as a metaphor for how each of us ride through life! Safe travels :-).

  10. Jenny says:

    Wow your photos are truly amazing! I can’t wait to visit Paris, France. I’m thinking about heading there after my USA roadtrip to spend some time with my nephews.

  11. Kristina says:

    I simply adore Paris, it is one of my most favorite cities ever! And your pictures capture this beauty perfectly!
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  12. Barbara says:

    Lovely account of your time in Paris. We loved Paris and I can’t wait to go back, soon I hope. Great perspective on the Arc de Triumph shot!

  13. Amazing photos! Paris is such a beautiful city. I love the first photo of the Père Lachaise cemetery.

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