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He Said, She Said

May 31, 2011 15 Comments »

Glorius and Superb

Since this was the first time I had traveled as a couple, to wrap up my travels to Sri Lanka, I decided to give you a little best/worst article; but not just from my perspective…from me and my travel partner’s perspective.  Finally – Russ gets to speak up and be heard!  We came up with […]

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Leopard Hunt

May 26, 2011 6 Comments »

yala safari sri Lanka

There really only one reason travelers stop at the dusty town of Tissa in Sri Lanka, and that’s to see leopards. So it was no surprise when we rolled into town on a local bus that we were bombarded by locals trying to sell us safari tours to see the leopards. We had already organized […]

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Traveling With Trip Advisor

May 19, 2011 8 Comments »

Auraliya beach

I walked into the room and there it was staring back at me, frozen in place next to my suitcase. I stopped abruptly, sighed and looked carefully at its shiny black body and spindly legs. The one light bulb in the room seemed to make the big cockroach’s body shimmer even more in ickiness. I […]

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The Powers of Observation

May 17, 2011 8 Comments »

HinduFestival feature

There are times in travel where you just have to ‘go with it’. You don’t really understand what’s going on around you or why and no one can really give you any answers due to the language barrier. Heck, sometimes the locals don’t even know why something is done the way it is! So those […]

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Religions Collide on Adam’s Peak

May 12, 2011 19 Comments »

sri pada above clouds

Footprints seem to mark the beginning of life for humans. We are born, and soon our little foot is being dipped in ink and imprinted on our birth certificates – marking our ‘official’ beginning. In Sri Lanka the birth of the main religions also came to life with a footprint – a sacred footprint. However […]

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