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Feeding the Masses in Puente Piedra

November 11, 2014 5 Comments »

lima market

Three times every day 50+ people sit down at wooden tables with colorful plastic plates piled high with food at Project Peru, the refuge my niece and I had been volunteering at outside of Lima for a week. I knew it was no easy process to put food on those plates every day, as kids […]

Building Homes in Las Laderas Peru

November 4, 2014 11 Comments »

Las Laderas

The hills of Las Laderas were brown and barren of trees, however they were dotted with little colorful cubes representing simple houses. Josue told me many of these houses built into the hills were filled with single mothers which immediately made my heart sink. The homes were very simple, some made of brick, some of […]

Project Peru

October 28, 2014 3 Comments »

volunteering in Lima

How do you find good, legitimate volunteering opportunities when you travel? I get this question all the time and like most things in life – it takes some work and some luck. When Megan said she wanted to spend some time volunteering abroad I was overjoyed. I was excited to do a volunteer project again […]

Poi Day in Kauai is Much More than Just Making Poi

April 15, 2014 5 Comments »

poi making kauai hawaii

“I’ve been coming to poi day since 2001, “ his eyes crinkled in a smile as he fiddled with his fishing net, “I like to come meet people and talk story.” Charlie said. ‘Uncle’ Charlie was one of many old timers I met who showed up every Thursday to make poi as part of a […]

The Purrfect Cat Sanctuary in Lanai

November 16, 2012 16 Comments »

We use the expression “herding cats” to refer to refers to an attempt to control or organize a group that is uncontrollable or chaotic.  It depicts something difficult, challenging, and nearly impossible.  However on the island of Lana’i “herding cats” is commonplace – and the volunteers of Lana’i Cat Sanctuary make it look simple. Lanai […]

Holy Heat Worship

January 19, 2011 14 Comments »


Jordanians, no matter what God they believe in, all huddle around it worshiping the black metal God. There’s one in every house I’ve been to…and it always seems to be the center of attention.It’s the most used appliance in Jordan’s homes. Ladies and gentlemen…I bring you the gas heater. Let me shatter a stereotype that […]

Travel Back in Time

December 9, 2009 9 Comments »

Tiger Balm Tales Vol. 4 Travel Back in TimeItinerary:  Kathmandu to PumaPhotos: View Puma Snapshots We said goodbye to the bustling city of Kathmandu and hopped in our time machine which took us back in time about 50 yrs. A time and place where electricity and plumbing were not guaranteed, where harvesting was done by […]

The Beginnings of a Nepal Trekking Plan

November 22, 2009 11 Comments »

Tiger Balm Tales – Vol. 1 Why? Such a simple question, yet it resonated in my head many, many times on my most recent trip to Nepal. Why was I going back to Nepal? Why did I ask my dad to come with me? Why did he decide to actually come with me? At this […]