How Many Ways Can You Eat Lobster?

August 8, 2017 3 Comments »

eat lobster new brunswick canada

I love lobster, like really L-O-V-E lobster – I would choose to eat lobster for my final meal if I had to. When I decided to go back to the Canadian Maritimes, it wasn’t the beautiful hikes, welcoming Acadian culture, seaside villages, or biking trails that had me most excited; it was the opportunity to […]

Oyster Farming and Tours in Maine

April 27, 2017 3 Comments »

maine oysters nonesuch tours

I’ve been around a lot of farmers in my life. Both of my grandfathers were farmers, and many of my uncles. Abigail Carroll doesn’t fit the normal farmer role; she studied French and Spanish literature in college. Abbey may only have 6.8 acres to farm, but she is definitely a farmer. She uses a little […]

Celebrating the Maine Blueberry

April 18, 2017 5 Comments »

maine blueberry festival

I heard the woman yell out to the little kids passing by, “Learn about farming AND get to see baby pigs!” Even though I knew her sales pitch wasn’t for adults, she had me at “baby pigs”. It’s hard to compete with the glitz of midway rides, cotton candy, and corn dogs; but the people […]

Is Cooking at Sea the Hardest Place to be a Chef?

March 27, 2017 11 Comments »

cooking at sea spirit of enderby

Crash! A pan slides off the counter, as Chef Max grabs at air. He was one second too late to catch it as it went plummeting to the floor and the chopped veggies end up all over the kitchen floor. I could see Max immediately go into ‘plan B’ mode. The ship was traversing through […]

Sioux Falls South Dakota in 24 Hours

February 16, 2017 7 Comments »

Sioux Falls South Dakota things to do

Sometimes the best stuff is right in front of you and you don’t notice it. I’ve always wondered how those relationships that start as friends and end up as lovers work. You know, the kind where you are friends for years, and then suddenly one day you look at this person and have different feelings […]

German Cakes and Conspiracy Theories

November 8, 2016 7 Comments »

donauwelle cake

I had spent the day in the heart of Germany’s Danube country (Donaubergland) where moments ago I was paddling through the gentle ripples and waves of the Young Danube River, and now I found myself trying to simulate that wave design as I pushed cherries into a cake batter. My inner artist was awakened and […]

500 Years of Beer Tasting on the Danube River

October 11, 2016 3 Comments »

Danube River Beer Tasting

Remember the scene in Willy Wonka where they were introduced to the chocolate river? It was a kid’s wildest sugary, chocolate dreams come true. That’s sort of how I felt about the Young Danube River and the number of breweries along it – it was sort of like a river of beer; an adult’s wildest […]

Cocktail History Made in America

September 13, 2016 No Comments »

cocktail history

Let me just start with; there’s a lot of myth involved when it comes to the cocktail. Where it started, how it got its weird name, when it was created; it’s complicated. It’s complicated because most of what we know about cocktails and early saloon/tavern going was not written down – it’s an oral history. […]

What to Eat in China

June 2, 2016 11 Comments »

food in china

THWAK! The thick menu felt like an earthquake when it was put on the table. I looked at it in astonishment; it was the size of a Sears Catalog that I remember receiving when I was a kid! When I landed in China for my 8 day trip, I was excited for one thing – […]

Things to do in Fairbanks Alaska

April 19, 2016 9 Comments »

things to do in fairbanks alaska

“When it gets cold, we just get close,” the local Fairbanks man told me when I asked how he survived the winters. One of the few big landlocked towns in Alaska – Fairbanks sits in the center of the state and is the jumping off point for visiting high Arctic. Fairbanks often gets overlooked by […]

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