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Cami de Ronda In-stagram Review

June 14, 2016 8 Comments »

cami de ronda costa brava

Salty sea breezes, colorful flowers that reminded me of bowls of Easter eggs, skies that stretched forever and ever, burning calf muscles, salty sweat running down my forehead, and methodical crashing waves; this what I experienced my last two weeks in Costa Brava Spain hiking the Cami de Ronda coastal trails. I finally accomplished my […]

Week In-stagram Review China

September 25, 2015 4 Comments »

Beijing Instagram

8 Days, 3 Cities, 5 Airplanes – this is fast travel. This week I’ve been on a whirlwind trip of China and I’ve been moving around so fast that I can never remember what my hotel room number is let along what floor I’m on when I get in the elevator and stare blankly at […]

Week In-stagram Review Alaska National Parks

September 4, 2015 5 Comments »

Alaska National Parks

What’s the state with the most National Parks?  Size matters – Alaska of course!  However they don’t have the most parks just because they are big, Alaska has another really important element –  some of the most beautiful wilderness and mountains I’ve ever seen in America! I spent this week exploring a number of them […]