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Cami de Ronda In-stagram Review

June 14, 2016 17 Comments »

cami de ronda costa brava

Salty sea breezes, colorful flowers that reminded me of bowls of Easter eggs, skies that stretched forever and ever, burning calf muscles, salty sweat running down my forehead, and methodical crashing waves; this what I experienced my last two weeks in Costa Brava Spain hiking the Cami de Ronda coastal trails. I finally accomplished my […]

Month In-stagram Review Medieval Towns

May 24, 2016 5 Comments »

medieval girona spain

I sort of feel like I spent the last 4 weeks at a Renaissance Fair without the costumes.  I’ve been in the Costa Brava Spain area working on a Medieval town project that has had me photographing more old stones than you can ever imagine!  One would think that I’d get tired of photographing brick […]

Week In-stagram Review San Agustin Etla

February 5, 2016 6 Comments »

san agustin etla

Every evening at 5:30 it happens…the aroma starts to waft through the streets of San Agustin Etla, my temporary home for a month. My olfactory senses take over and I’m walking up the hill just so I can get a whiff of one of the best smells in the world. Bread. The little local bakery […]

Month In-stagram Review Midwest Holidays

January 8, 2016 2 Comments »

snow trees

I’m coming to you from 30,000 feet for this update! I spent the last month slowing down and enjoying the holidays in the Midwest with family and now I’m headed to back to NYC for 10 days to the bustle of the city. I hit the ground running this weekend by speaking at the New […]

Week In-stagram Review Autumn in Germany

October 23, 2015 3 Comments »

I wrapped up my Autumn Made in Germany road trip in Dresden and sadly turned in my car to head ‘home’. I have many ‘homes’ around the world – or at least places that sort of feel like home.  They all have a bit of familiarity to them, I know how to get around, I […]

Week In-stagram Review German Traditions

October 16, 2015 2 Comments »

germany tradition

My Made in Germany road trip continued this week with more food, crafts, beer, and onions…yes onions. Not only did I attend the Onion Festival in Weimar, but I also made a bunch of new friends along my route!  In the last week I learned how to cook brats, make Christmas cake, weave lace, paint gnomes, […]

Week In-stagram Review German Made

October 9, 2015 6 Comments »

Germany Road Trip

I adore road trips in the Fall, it’s such a great way to get out and enjoy the best season ever! I’m soaking up the colors, cool air and the open road; the ultimate travel freedom.  This week I landed in Germany to kick off a Fall road trip through some of the lesser known […]

Week In-stagram Review China

September 25, 2015 4 Comments »

Beijing Instagram

8 Days, 3 Cities, 5 Airplanes – this is fast travel. This week I’ve been on a whirlwind trip of China and I’ve been moving around so fast that I can never remember what my hotel room number is let along what floor I’m on when I get in the elevator and stare blankly at […]

Week In-stagram Review Alaska National Parks

September 4, 2015 5 Comments »

Alaska National Parks

What’s the state with the most National Parks?  Size matters – Alaska of course!  However they don’t have the most parks just because they are big, Alaska has another really important element –  some of the most beautiful wilderness and mountains I’ve ever seen in America! I spent this week exploring a number of them […]

Week In-stagram Review Alaska

August 28, 2015 4 Comments »

alaska instagram

I have spent the last two weeks exploring Alaska – and it’s so big I still have a week to go! I’ve been sleeping at truck stops, soaring with bush pilots, experiencing 3 seasons in a day, riding the rails, exploring abandoned buildings, and even doing a little hiking.  As I stare up at the […]

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