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How to Photograph the Northern Lights and Keep Warm Doing It

December 18, 2023 8 Comments »

Northern Lights Photography feature

Northern Lights photography is not like other night photography; it has challenges that go way beyond normal night photography challenges – namely…the cold! You only get Northern Lights in the winter when you have those gorgeous dark skies. In addition, the aurora oval revolves around the geomagnetic north pole, placing you in some of the […]

Insider Tips for Experiencing Fairbanks Northern Lights

December 12, 2023 1 Comment »

Fairbanks Alaska Northern Lights Tour Feature

I was surprised that many people don’t even have Alaska on their radar for Northern Lights trips! Go do a search, and you’ll be inundated with Iceland and Norway, but Alaska is still a bit of an outlier. And you know what that means? It’s the perfect place to plan your Northern Lights trip because […]

Iconic Ireland Landscapes and Where to Find Them

October 4, 2023 33 Comments »

Ireland Landscapes

Ireland is a land of enchanting landscapes and captivating folklore. Its allure lies in its seamless blend of history and natural wonders. From majestic cliffs and mountains to lush green valleys, we’ll explore the diverse natural wonders of this enchanting country. Learn the secrets behind its verdant hue and unravel why Ireland beckons travelers from […]

How to Photograph Paris

January 21, 2021 18 Comments »

How to photograph paris

I’ve been to Paris multiple times, and each time I find new inspiration. It’s one of my favorite cities to photograph, and I know I’m not alone. I’ve developed a few tricks on how to photograph Paris so that I can bring home unique photos of the most photographed Paris sites. Before I share my […]

Best Camera Bag for Travel: Organized by Travel Style

May 26, 2020 1 Comment »

best camera bag for travel

I’ve been traveling with a camera for a long time now (I started my travels in 2006); my cameras have changed, my camera bags have changed, and my needs have changed. However, after a decade of doing travel photography, I have found a few camera bags for travel that I love and use over and […]

Taj Mahal Photography Tips for a Short Visit

October 16, 2018 5 Comments »

taj mahal photography tips

One of the hardest things about travel photography is the fact that you are only in a place for a short moment. At that time, you have no control over the weather, the light, or the crowds, and you have to work with what you are given at that moment. After your initial moment of […]

Finding Beauty in Average Castelló D’empuries

September 19, 2017 9 Comments »

Castelló D’empuries

“Don’t you dare ignore me!” my alarm would scream at me if it could talk. My alarm started quietly this morning and progressively got louder. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t ignore it, I had to get up early to go photograph an average town. Just like with people, there are places in […]