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Northern Lights Photography Tips for Alaska

March 27, 2018 4 Comments »

northern lights photography tips

Northern lights photography is not like other night photography; it has challenges that go way beyond normal night photography challenges – namely…the cold! You only get northern lights in the winter when you have those gorgeous dark skies, so that means you are going to be waiting out in the cold for the perfect shot […]

Love in Antarctica

February 14, 2017 3 Comments »

Antarctica Love

I was on the bridge, warming up from being out on the deck. I stared at the detail of the cliffs of Coulman Island, marveling at their size and the snow pack seemingly teetering on top of them. That’s when I saw it…love. Amidst the dark stone cliff there was a lighter caramel colored stone, […]

Chasing Light in Anchorage

November 18, 2016 4 Comments »

photography tour anchorage

“The goal tonight is to get to the right places at the right times and come away learning something new,” Jody said as I squinted into the glaring sun and out across the expanse of mud flats called the Turnagain Arm in Anchorage. The one thing that everyone packs on a trip to Alaska is […]

Taking the Leap from DSLR to Mirrorless

November 17, 2016 15 Comments »

switch from DSLR to Mirrorless

Making an initial camera brand choice for the serious photographer is difficult because it sets you in a direction that dictates years of gear to come.  In the past your choices were primarily Canon and Nikon.   After you build up that arsenal of initial equipment, you never contemplate making a costly switch to a new […]