Wrangel Island Cruise Week in Review

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Wrangel Island Cruise Week in Review

August 18, 2015 9 Comments »

No email, no texts, no social media, no internet…that was refreshing. These last two weeks were about awakening the senses again as I cruised to Wrangel Island.

I had two weeks of uninterrupted observation; feeling the cold wind on my face, tasting the salt water, examining my footsteps on the tundra, rolling with the Arctic Ocean, clearing my mind, and falling into deep dream-filled sleep without worrying about what was happening below the Arctic Circle.

Seeing the Arctic and Wrangel Island

And the best part was that all of that time usually spent staring at a screen and responding to email was replaced by staring a polar bear in the eyes, focusing in on the millions of birds living on every inch of the cliff face, watching the beauty of a muskox’s soft layers of fur blowing in the crisp wind, and staring at a treeless landscape that few people have ever laid eyes upon.

With no internet or cell connections, it’s like you are in a vacuum; you can focus on what you are seeing and experiencing.

Unplugged on an Arctic Cruise to Wrangel Island

More than any other trip I’ve taken I’ve completely lost track of time. The woman next to me in the ship library asks, “Do you know what day it is?” Hmmm – not really. I look at my laptop clock which I think is still on Nome, Alaska time and it says Wednesday.

I try to count the days we’ve been here but I am unsure any longer since the sun sets at 10:30 PM and rises at 3 AM and I’m waking up at 4 AM every day wide awake. I finally say, “I think it’s Thursday, but I’m really not sure any longer.” Another woman joins in – I think it may be Thursday too. We decide between the 3 of us we must be right. And honestly – no one really cared if we were wrong. Losing track of days, time, night, day..that all adds up to a fabulous trip if you ask me.

My last two weeks were spent on the Spirit of Enderby Polar ship cruising around Wrangel Island, passing through the Bering Straight, and soaking in the Chukotka culture of Russia’s Far East. Thanks to the lack of connectivity I don’t have any Instagram pics to show you, however, I do have photographs that will be making their way to Instagram eventually, so this week’s Instagram review is just simply a week(s) in review.

I’ve tried to pick out some of my favorite variety of photos from the Wrangel Island tour that can show you the variety of experiences that I had these last two weeks. However, this winter I will be covering this trip in depth and sharing all photography on the blog. There’s so much to share, it’s hard to even organize my thoughts about the experience.

But here’s a beginning look at why Wrangel Island, and a cruise there, is one of the most special places on the globe.

Wrangel Island polar bear
Polar Bear encounters on Wrangel Island
Russian Far East Chukotka
A Fishing hut along the Chukotka coast
Herald Island Russian Far East
A Horned Puffin Takes Flight
Russian Far East
An old trapper hut where a lone scientist lives for 2 months in the summer to do bird research on the Kolychun Inlet
Wrangel Island
The cliffs of Herald Island in the Arctic
Wrangel Island bird cliffs
Look very carefully – those dots you see are thousands upon thousands of birds found all around birding cliffs in the Russian Far East
Wrangel Island Birds
Snow Geese on Wrangel Island with the Spirit of Enderby in the background
Wrangel island Polar Bear
The first polar bear we spotted on Herald Island. Mother and cub will be spending the winter on the island until the ice returns.

How to Go to Wrangel Island:

Only one company has the permits to cruise to Wrangel Island – Heritage Expeditions.  See their offerings of Russian Far East Voyages including Wrangel Island.

Website: www.heritage-expeditions.com


I was a guest of Heritage Expeditions while on this trip, however all opinions here are my own.

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