Cami de Ronda In-stagram Review

August 19, 2016   17 Comments »

Cami de Ronda In-stagram Review

June 14, 2016 17 Comments »

Salty sea breezes, colorful flowers that reminded me of bowls of Easter eggs, skies that stretched forever and ever, burning calf muscles, salty sweat running down my forehead, and methodical crashing waves; this what I experienced my last two weeks in Costa Brava Spain hiking the Cami de Ronda coastal trails. I finally accomplished my goal of hiking the Camino de Ronda from L’loret de Mar to Portbou at the border of France.  My father and I completed the nearly 100 miles of hiking and became entranced with the landscapes and culture.

Introducing You To The Cami De Ronda

I recently was asked why I blog, and I thought a long time about what my answer was – after all, I’ve been blogging for a long time now and often the ‘whys’ change. After some introspective thought, I realized I blog now for the same reasons I started blogging 10 years ago; I want to introduce new places and experiences to people as well as have them overcome their fears around travel in general. This is what drives me to keep going and eek by a living travel blogging.  I just want people to learn more about the great places in the world that don’t always get a lot of attention. So it shouldn’t be surprising one of my favorite parts about the hike was sharing and introducing the Camino de Ronda experience with you…my online audience.

It was an active couple of weeks on social media channels! But I heard from many of you that you were excited to learn more about this part of Spain and the hike.  The ebook and more Cami de Ronda articles will be coming with all the info on how you can go about hiking this path too.

Until then, I have some images to tempt you from my Instagram feed from the last 2 weeks. Every hiking day I carried a pack full of first aid materials, rain gear, snacks, and of course my camera gear.

Here’s a small taste of what the Cami de Ronda in Costa Brava Spain looks like and stay tuned for much more information later this summer!

There’s many more great pics – just follow me on Instagram to see more!


cami de ronda

A bittersweet day…our last day hiking #inCostaBrava begins now. Only a few miles left to reach #Portbou and we will have completed the #camideronda coastal paths – something I’ve wanted to do for 4 years. So happy I came back and finally did it!

tossa de mar tree

Up early today before the sun to get this pic of the lone tree on Platja Mar Menuda in #TossadeMar . Don’t think I could ever be a pro photographer as I can’t keep their hours! I went back to sleep after this!

cami de ronda hiking

A Mediterranean blue paradise. We hiked across many beaches today on the #camideronda however this one we hiked way above it and enjoyed the beautiful views #inCostaBrava

cadaques sunset

I’ve caught very few sunsets while on the #camideronda because we are normally eating dinner when the sun is setting – but today in #Cadaques I was in the right place at the right time and finally got to see a colorful sunset!

camino ronda costa brava

The cliffs of Costa Brava can be wild…and high! This is as close as I would go to the edge without getting wobbly knees! Along the #camideronda trail #inCostaBrava

cami de ronda hiking

I’ve never seen water so inviting. Especially since I was working up a sweat hiking the #camideronda – this is actually part of the trail.

camino ronda costa brava

Hiking the #camideronda at this time of year means colorful flowers all along the way. After all your eyes get tired of looking at beautiful blue skies and water all day – they ned some variety!

camino ronda cala joncols

The further we go north on the #camideronda the more wild and harsh the landscape becomes. The coves and beaches are just as beautiful but there are way fewer people! Yesterday while hiking from Cala Montjoi to Cadaques for 7 miles I saw only 2 people in the far distance and no one on the beaches.

cap de creus camio ronda

A little bushwalking today on the #CaminodeRonda

costa brava hiking

Its going to be a fabulous beach weekend here #inCostaBrava ! We sadly only had time to pass through Aiguablava on the #camideronda today – but I did get my feet wet and take a few pics!

hiking love

Who out there loves hiking?

cork tree costa brava

Hiking through a cork forest near Palafrugell. Yes, this is where wine corks (and many other things) begin…

cami de ronda hiking trail

Today we changed terrain and entered the world of limestone along the #camideronda in the Costa Brava. A very technical day of hiking for us where your brain had to be engaged on the trail at all times. We scrambled over chunky limestone and visited a few coves. Then I cut inland and finished the hike today on the GR 92 – a long, tough day. I need a nap

sant feliu casino

The colorful Casino in Sant Feliu #inCostaBrava . Constructed in 1888 by architect General Guitart. It has an ornate Arabic feel to it. However this is not a gambling casino, its a community center, bar, and restaurant. When we walked in it was filled with old men playing cards.

costa brava stairs

Stairs and jaw dropping views…this was my day today hiking 17km of the #camideronda #kneecrusher

anchovies lescala

Who likes anchovies?! We experienced anchovies from L’Escala Costa Brava today – a region famous for their anchovies in salt. You can even tour the little family run factories in the area and have tastings!

camino de ronda costa brava

See that sand down there…That’s my #camideronda hiking trail. The views today between Palamos and Calella Palafrugell are gorgeous. We went from secluded beaches like this one to high up on jagged clifftops. Even my.knees thought the views were worth it!

camino ronda

For some it was a beach day, and for us it was another #camideronda day! Day 16 on the trail was stunning #inCostaBrava ! Sure, the beaches were nice, but the landscapes and cliffs today were even better! Stay tuned for those pics! The red and white mark was our trail marking today the we followed!

hiking in costa brava

You want your own beach?.Costa Brava has it! Take a walk on the #camideronda and make few beach stops along the way!

Sunset in L'lanca Spain camino de ronda

Sunset in L’lanca port.

Cólera Cataluna cami de ronda

Will miss these Costa Brava views…some of the best in the world. Hopefully I’ve given you a small taste of what this area is like over the past 7 weeks. Paradise!



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