Things to do in Argentina :

  • Spend some time appreciating the street art with a graffiti art tour in Buenos Aires.
  • Learn about the tango culture in Buenos Aires with a visit to a Milonga.
  • Iguazu Falls – it may not be the biggest, the tallest or the most powerful, but it is the most impressive waterfall I’ve seen.
  • Explore one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires – San Telmo – with a food lover’s walking tour. Empanadas, choripan sandwiches, provoletas and ice cream!

Hotels in Argentina :

  • El Pilar is a great place to start your El Chalten hiking from and is run by two of the nicest people I met in all of Argentina.
  • Staying in a shared home can help combat road loneliness – especially for the solo traveler. At this Airbnb home in the Almagro neighborhood, I made some long-lasting friendships.

Food in Argentina :

  • Try out the official drink of Patagonia – mate. This herbal drink is ubiquitous and has many rules and rituals accompanying its consumption.
  • Enjoy dinner in a puerto cerrados – or “closed door” – restaurant. These are dining experiences in people’s private homes and offer a great way to enjoy local cuisine and great conversation with a small group of people.

Pictures of Argentina :

Want to see more of the color, art, architecture and natural wonder of Argentina? Then tango your sultry self over to my photo gallery.

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