Things to do in Argentina :

  • Spend some time appreciating the street art with a graffiti art tour in Buenos Aires.
  • Learn about the tango culture in Buenos Aires with a visit to a Milonga.
  • Iguazu Falls – it may not be the biggest, the tallest or the most powerful, but it is the most impressive waterfall I’ve seen.
  • Explore one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires – San Telmo – with a food lover’s walking tour. Empanadas, choripan sandwiches, provoletas and ice cream!

Hotels in Argentina :

  • El Pilar is a great place to start your El Chalten hiking from and is run by two of the nicest people I met in all of Argentina.
  • Staying in a shared home can help combat road loneliness – especially for the solo traveler. At this Airbnb home in the Almagro neighborhood, I made some long-lasting friendships.

Food in Argentina :

  • Try out the official drink of Patagonia – mate. This herbal drink is ubiquitous and has many rules and rituals accompanying its consumption.
  • Enjoy dinner in a puerto cerrados – or “closed door” – restaurant. These are dining experiences in people’s private homes and offer a great way to enjoy local cuisine and great conversation with a small group of people.

Pictures of Argentina :

Want to see more of the color, art, architecture and natural wonder of Argentina? Then tango your sultry self over to my photo gallery.

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Northern Argentina and Chile Landscapes

February 22, 2018 6 Comments »

Northern Argentina Devils Desert

I always wondered how Patagonia became Patagonia. The historical answer is that Magellan in 1520 used the word patagón to describe the Indians of the region. But more than just the history, I wondered how this region became so popular among travelers. It’s a unique region that spans two countries and seems to maintain an […]

Travel Charms

November 19, 2013 12 Comments »

evil eye

I’ve been traveling for 7 years, and thanks to a little luck, I’ve had relatively few bad luck experiences. Sure, I’ve experienced some issues – luggage delayed a number of times, flights canceled, items stolen, faulty gear, and illnesses. But none of these things were ever really serious or horrible. Not like my friend Charlie’s […]

Argentina Food Tour for Meat Lovers

April 2, 2013 1 Comment »

argentina food tour

It’s 11:30PM, you are drinking Malbec and socializing with friends across a long table.  The noise is deafening – but it’s the noise of joy, fun, and laughter that only friends can share.  Your waitress brings out a big plate of sizzling meat and sets it in the middle of the table with a cloud […]

Argentina Glacier Photography

March 29, 2013 16 Comments »

Earlier this week I wrote all about the two famous glacier treks you can do in Argentina/Patagonia.  One of my favorite things about trekking Perito Moreno and Viedma glaciers were the views and perspective you had on the ice.  You can’t really appreciate the sheer size and power of a glacier until you walk on […]

Mate Manners

March 28, 2013 5 Comments »

mate drink

The Cebador hands me the cuia, I pause for a moment and think about everything I have learned. I slowly extend my right hand looking him in the eyes and giving him a slight nod. I take the first drink from the bombilla careful not to move it around but instead let it sit stiffly […]

Perito Moreno Vs. Viedma Glacier Tour

March 26, 2013 27 Comments »

Viedma Glacier Tour

In this corner – we have the world champion Perito Moreno Glacier known through out the world for it’s heavyweight size and knock-out calving punch. In the other corner we the Viedma Glacier – a scrappy new opponent offering a powerful one-two punch of adventure and crevasses. Lets get ready to rumble! Two Glaciers, both […]

Where Sheep Roam – Patagonia

March 15, 2013 5 Comments »

They were lurking in the landscapes – I knew they were there – but you seldom see them. Occasionally – among the flat golden grasses you’d see one, on his horse, with his signature gaucho beret hat, quiet aura, and chiseled features. He had an eye on the cattle or sheep with the help of […]

How to Understand the Street Art in Buenos Aires

March 5, 2013 17 Comments »

street art Buenos aires

“A commissioned piece of graffiti on your home can actually raise the value of your home in Buenos Aires.” she says in a factual manner. As my brain catches up with my ears, I interrupt our guide and say, “What, can you repeat that last part about increasing the value of your home?” Clearly I […]

San Telmo Sunday Market

March 1, 2013 8 Comments »

The San Telmo neighborhood in tourist guides is best known for their Sunday market.  The old cobblestone streets are lined with blocks and blocks of tables with music, clothing, art, toys, and antiques.  You’ll also smell the aroma of grilled meet wafting through the streets which will entice you to stop your shopping for a […]

You Don’t Need to Tango To Visit a Milonga

February 15, 2013 8 Comments »

tango dance

You don’t have to be able to dance tango to go to a Milonga in Buenos Aires.  And if you are letting a little thing like that hold you back, then you are really missing out on having a local experience.   There are plenty of other things you can do at Milongas instead of […]