Cork City Photo Walk

March 10, 2015 7 Comments »

It’s a sunny, brisk day in a city that is new to me; the perfect day to grab my camera and go explore.  Fluffy clouds, blue skies, people out bustling around city center, a river bank, fall trees, it doesn’t get much better than this.  But wait…it does.  Cork City in Ireland has a series of self-guided walks around the city that will lead you through this picturesque town and it’s history.

Walking Cork City

Walking Map Cork City Ireland

Colorful walking man signs mark the routes

The Shandon Walk, City Center Island Walk, University Walk, and South Parish Walk all start at Daunt’s Square and there are information panels and color coded signs (red walking man for Shandon Walk, orange walking man for City Center Island Walk, green walking man for University Walk, and blue walking man for South Parish Walk).  These signs are found along the way of each route to ensure you stay on track.  In addition, you can get a brochure and walking map to guide you.

Downloadable .pdf Walking Map Cork City:

University Walking Map
Shandon Walking Map
City Centre Walking Map
South Parish Walking Map

I took the University Walk with a local friend and found lots of little gems I never would have otherwise knew about or found without the map.  We walked through little neighborhoods, stopped at museums, meandered through the University campus, stopped in riverside parks, and enjoyed the artistic graffiti along this route.  A perfect day for a photo walk.  Here were some of my favorite captures from the day.

Walking Map Cork City IrelandWalking Map Cork City IrelandWalking Map Cork City Irelandgrafitti cork cityWalking Map Cork City IrelandRed abbey cork city irelandWalking Map Cork City Irelandgraffiti cork cityWalking Map Cork City IrelandCork city universityWalking Map Cork City Ireland

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