Mongol Rally - The Ultimate Roadtrip

4 Bloggers
2 Continents
15 Countries
9000 miles (14,500 km)
Countless Flat Tires
1,000 Wrong Turns
Hundreds of Dollars in Bribes
Thousands of Dollars in Equipment and Travel

Yes, I really did this.

What is the Mongol Rally?

The Mongol Rally is an unsupported road rally (for charity) from London, England to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia put on by the Adventurists. In July, 2011 four well-traveled, and some may say crazy travel bloggers set out on a 10,000 mile journey to Mongolia.   This was no fluff press trip…this was us against the open road, in a car that was not meant to be driven to these lengths.

Crossing 10,000 miles over unforgiving deserts, perilous mountain ranges and non-existent roads, we will faced the possibility of bandits, breakdowns and corruption while navigating our way through 13 countries and 2 continents. Oh yes, and not a one of us had any mechanical knowledge.

Additional Interviews and Articles I’ve done About the Mongol Rally:

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Far From Home Podcast Episode 2 – I was interviewed about my experience in the Rally. But I recommend listening to the whole podcast as it’s a great one about Scott Gurian’s experience on the rally

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Read the stories below of 4 strangers driving from London to Mongolia in an small, inappropriate car from the beginning to the end…

Posts In This Series:

Crossing Borders with Natasha- Mongol Rally

Posted by on August 8, 2011

ukraine sign

We unpacked the whole car in the McDonald’s parking lot only to repack it all up again.  We had to prepare –  prepare for our first border crossing into the ‘wild East’; Eastern Europe that is.  We moved electronics into secure places, I hid my cash in my feminine products such as my  tampon bag […]

Ukraine Highway Culture – Mongol Rally

Posted by on August 10, 2011

  Today we were on what seemed like a super highway for Ukraine as we traveled from Odessa to Kiev.  Finally – some smooth tarmac – hallelujah!  However, as I sped down this highway constantly trying to go the ever changing, never-marked, speed limit I was stunned by the culture along the highway in Ukraine. […]

Mongol Rally: Driving in Ukraine

Posted by on August 9, 2011

Every day brings with it a new driving challenge in the Mongol Rally.  Today’s challenge was potholes.  We had heard horror stories about the roads and driving in Ukraine, but it’s hard to really imagine and believe until your wheel has been swallowed up by a huge hole and you hear the gut wrenching sounds […]

Teaming up in Volgograd – Mongol Rally

Posted by on August 14, 2011

As we rolled into Volgograd (the former Stalingrad) it was filled with boxy cement architecture and crazy drivers. We stayed near the town center in an apartment sponsored by Roomorama. It’s always interesting to get to see the insides of these buildings that look a bit depressing from the outside. The apartment had it’s quirks, […]

SMAC Has Taken Over Ottsworld!

Posted by on August 7, 2011

Hey, friends of Sherry! It’s Candice Walsh & Cailin O’Neil from Social Media Atlantic Canada (SMAC), and we’re filling in on behalf of Ms. Ott as she disappears in the far, far east. Through social media,  we’ll be documenting Sherry’s adventures with the Mongol Rally and the Social Media Syndicate team as they get further and further […]