Postcard from Buenos Aires

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Milonga in Buenos Aires

Happy New Year from Buenos Aires! I hope your New Year celebrations were merry wherever you were in the world AND that you somehow avoided a hangover this morning!

I am currently in Buenos Aires Argentina soaking up the nightlife, making new friends, and prepping for my next adventure while trying to get my last big adventure recorded. One of the most challenging parts of being a travel blogger is making sure that you have time to actually process and write about the last trip before you go on the next trip…yes…I know…it’s a rough life. For this work downtime I decided to rent a little room in a shared home and work for 3 weeks in the local neighborhood of Almagro.

milonga buenos aries tango

A beautiful setting for beautiful movement

My little home in Almagro proved to be a super decision as it’s filled with a few other travelers who are also solo like me. Tip – if you are scared to travel alone – then surround yourself by people in your same situation – you’ll make friends fast! I’ve met two wonderful women from Germany here who are my age and full of energy so they are keeping me busy in the evenings as we all go out and explore the nightlife together in Buenos Aires. Ute is a tango dress designer so I’ve been accompanying her to Milongas late at night to be her photographer. It has provided me some wonderful photographic opportunities as well as a way to learn more about the heartbeat of the Argentinian culture – tango.  But most of all I appreciate my new girlfriends for their fabulous wine drinking ability and conversations we have into the wee hours of the night.

Argentina wine

Just a few of the bottles I’ve finished with Ute and Angela…


My Past Travels

swirling clouds in antarctica

Swirling clouds frame the icebergs in Antarctica

Remember what it was like to be 9 years old and waiting, waiting, waiting for Christmas to arrive and then when it was over you were sad that the excitement of the anticipation as well as the day itself was over? That’s pretty much how I feel about my Antarctica trip. It’s been quite difficult to adjust to life back on land and among civilization after waiting and anticipating so long. My father and I are both going through pangs of longing to be back on the ice in Antarctica – it’s a hard continent to reach – and it seems equally hard for me to leave.  However I will be reliving the experiences on my site during the month of January – so stay tuned to read all about our Antarctica cruising experience.  It was another wonderful father–daughter trip that leaves us wondering how we can ever top it.

My Next Travel Plans

However my time here in hot, loud city of Buenos Aires will be short as I get ready to head out to thoroughly explore Patagonia – a location that has been on my wishlist for quite some time. A region of southern Argentina and Chile that promises to have some of the most dramatic landscapes on earth. I love the bustling city – but I love the mountains even more, so I’m quite excited to get to the various parks of Patagonia to the fresh, crisp mountain air. While there as a guest of Adventure Life, who specialized in adventure tours, I will be doing the full smörgåsbord of activities to give me a pretty complete look at Patagonia. Here’s just a few of the things I have planned:

• Hiking the Torres del Paine W Trek for 6 days while staying in the EcoCamp facilities. Ecocamp is a deluxe tent camp of large igloo-shaped tents built to minimize environmental impact while providing a comfortable setting.
• 3 day Kayaking trip paddling downstream on the Serrano river past ice fields, fjords and mountains.
• 5 day expedition cruise through Ainsworth Bay, Glacier Alley, and Cape Horn.
Hiking the Fitz Roy Range and Glaciers of Patagonia

There’s only one problem with this amazing list of activities – they all pretty much require me to be in shape and active. Considering my lack of regular exercise currently – I’m pretty sure that my poor body will go through shock in Patagonia. But it will be worth it – and it may just help me work off all of the dulce de leche I’ve been eating in Buenos Aires. Regardless of the inevitable aches and pains – I can’t wait to start out my 2013 on hiking trails and among mountains.

In mid February I’ll be touching back down in the US for a very short time – but will look forward to reconnecting with friends before the next European adventure.

Ahhh – 2013 – I welcome you and all of the adventure you bring!

Even though I’m in Buenos Aires to work – I’ve managed to go out and see a few sites – you can follow along on Facebook to see my little Buenos Aires adventures.

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