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Discovering the Heart of the Great Bear Rainforest

June 23, 2020 No Comments »

spirit of the great bear rainforest

A heart can mean many things – an organ, love, life, compassion, understanding, feeling, the center. Sometimes travel can lead you to the heart of a place where you experience a deep connection, have an epiphany, or simply fall in love. That’s when travel switches from an activity to a transformation. It doesn’t happen on […]

Breaking the Grizzly Bear Curse

November 29, 2016 6 Comments »

grizzly bear viewing BC Canada

One week before heading to the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast in BC Canada, I had this show up in my inbox: “The Chinook Salmon are showing good numbers but it is the Sockeye that the Grizzlies key in on. The Sockeye run is a little later than usual and at this point smaller than some predicted. […]

Nimmo Bay Resort Remote Luxury

October 14, 2014 5 Comments »

Nimmo Bay resort

My shoes squeak against the rubber ‘no-slip’ mat of the Nimmo Bay Resort walkway, the air is heavy and the walkway sways ever so slightly reminding me I’m not on solid ground – I’m actually floating. Heavy mist and fog blanket the area in the morning making you feel like the trees are somehow magnets […]

Visiting the Great Bear Rainforest

October 3, 2014 9 Comments »

Visit the great bear rainforest fjords

Both times I landed in the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia Canada it felt other-worldly.  Once by floatplane in the southern part of the fjords and once in an airplane surrounded by steep mountains in Bella Coola. I could hardly believe that a landscape and experience like this was so accessible to people in […]

Hiking in Yoho Park

November 8, 2013 7 Comments »

Calgary was surprisingly flat and barren. As we drove away from the airport, it felt like a modern Ulaanbaatar – the steppe – with no trees and rolling hills with tons of subdivisions. This wasn’t at all what I was expecting when I thought of traveling to the Canadian Rockies. But Peter assured me that […]

48 Hours in Vancouver as #GlobalTravelerSherry

September 30, 2013 21 Comments »

Stanley Park bike path

Apparently, Mother Nature got the memo that I was going to be in Vancouver as she put on her best weather for me – for a day and a half. Then apparently she got tired of showing off and assumed her normal rainy self. But for that day and a half I soaked up the […]