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Travel to Tahiti: No Honeymoon Required

April 17, 2024 No Comments »

Travel to tahiti cruise

“I thought I’d have to get married to travel to Tahiti,” my friend and solo traveler Lisa said to me while we were sipping pina coladas on the upper deck of Windstar’s Star Breeze. Lisa joined me and a few other friends on this Windstar Dreams of Tahiti cruise. She is an avid diver and […]

4 New Zealand Islands You’ve Never Heard Of But Should Explore

April 4, 2017 3 Comments »

new zealand islands cruise

I love traveling to places that are lesser known, but spectacular. It makes me feel like I’ve found this great little secret. New Zealand of course is well known, but the New Zealand islands are not, and that’s exactly why they should be on your New Zealand itinerary. The Subantarctic Islands, aren’t really a secret […]

4 Off the Beaten Path Things to Do in New Zealand

February 23, 2017 7 Comments »

new zealand local experiences

Few places on earth have as much landscape diversity as New Zealand. There is a ton packed into 2 relatively small islands; glaciers to farmlands, mountain peaks, to tropical beaches. I still remember my trip to the islands ten years ago when I first started my travels. The landscape and my experience in New Zealand […]

Adventure Travel Seekers This Way to New Zealand

February 7, 2017 5 Comments »

New Zealand adventure travel

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of New Zealand? For most people, it’s adventure travel. And for some people like me, it’s sheep. But I’m sorta strange, so we’ll go with adventure as the norm. Even the New Zealand tourism department labels itself the “Home of Adventure Tourism”. I suppose it’s […]

Taking the Leap into Fear

January 24, 2017 4 Comments »

taupo bungee jump new zealand

“Okay, I’ll do it,” Lindsey said with more trepidation than excitement. What had I done? I just talked her into something that I had no desire to do, and now I have to go with her. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Sometimes I get so focused on others getting over their fears, I lose track of my […]

Getting To New Zealand: Niece Project 5.0

January 19, 2017 2 Comments »

Delayed Flights

We drove to the airport as the snow came down heavier and heavier with each minute that ticked by. I watched the fat snowflakes land on the windshield and melt and thought about the number 5. It’s shocking to me that this is my 5th Niece Project trip. And even more surprising – this is […]