The Era of the New Nomad

February 28, 2013 14 Comments »

New Nomads

Back in 2013 a new kind of traveler was emerging. They left their safe and settled lifestyles, to travel the world – indefinitely. And I was a part of this new nomadic travel.

However, quite frankly, even in 2013, it didn’t feel too ‘new’ to me – I had been living like this moving around now from place to place nomadically for 6 years.

When Travel and Escape, Canada’s television channel dedicated to travel and adventure, approached me to be a part of the web series, I was a bit skeptical.  I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to be in a video series – I’m not really the television type.  And quite frankly I was in the middle of putting on the Meet Plan Go! career break events so I didn’t really think I had to time to participate.  

But the director was more than willing to come to New York to film, so I decided to try to squeeze it in.  Then I found out that many of my peers – Barbara, Charlie, Dave & Deb, Anil, Christine, Stephanie and Michael – were involved, and I decided I was in good company.

New Nomad: Sherry Ott

Present Day (2020) Travel and Escape no long exists sadly – but the New Nomads YouTube videos are still out there!

Why I was Interested in Living the Nomadic Lifestyle

The nomadic lifestyle is something that I’ve always been interested in.  It is in fact why I love Mongolia so much.  But I also find that extended travel, location independent living, and virtual offices have become more popular and accepted over the past years. And I believe this younger generation will continue to push this change and more nomadic style living into the mainstream.

Filming the New Nomads

It really was fun to be a part of the show.  I traveled all over NYC filming with the crew for the afternoon and as you can see in the video we even took a trip to my storage unit – the only ‘home base’ I really have.  So go on, grab a cup of coffee, and take 5 minutes to learn about why I’m considered a ‘New Nomad’.  

View the Entire New Nomads Web Series Launched in 2013: You’ll see some familiar faces

Watch all of the New Nomad Episodes on Travel and Escape!

This generation of travelers shaped a whole new way of life. Featuring some of the world’s most avid travelers, the series uncovers the behind-the-scenes lives of real people who dared leave everything behind to travel the world nomadically in 2013, each for their own reasons, each in their own way. How do they do it? Watch the full 9-episode series to find out what it really takes to travel the world untethered and unleashed.

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