SFO to JFK: Photo of the Week

February 17, 2012 13 Comments »

airplane sunset

Sunset on my SFO to JFK flight

The US is really an amazing country; it has mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers, hills, small towns, glistening cities, and prairies. It has 4 seasons, multiple accents, a variety of religions, and a variety of cultures. Out of all of my travels around the globe it is probably the country with the most diversity of landscape and culture. It’s also big, from coast to coast it is 2,600 miles.

I’ve been fortunate to experience the diversity of the US by living on the east coast, west coast, and Midwest. This week I crossed over all of those areas on a flight from San Francisco to New York City. The day was crystal clear and I was able to take in the vast country dusted in snow from 30,000 feet.

I found myself mesmerized by the patterns and the geography out my window seat. We dipped in and out of snowy patches, and cloudbanks. Occasionally it would be completely clear displaying the checkerboard Midwest. As much as I love to travel outside the US, I realize that I don’t always give America the respect it’s due. I decided to share my window view with you; my view of America on my 5 hour flight.

San Franciso

Leaving San Francisco

airplane view

Shortly after take-off we run into clouds that look like cotton balls


Starting to see a dusting of snow in California


A lake appears in the brown landscape in Eastern California

Airplane window

A river runs through it…

snow from above

The beginning of a snow line in the midwest

snow in midwest

Snow covering the miles sections of the Midwest

airplane view

A mild winter entering the Eastern US

manhattan from above

Flying over Manhattan’s Central Park and Time’s Square preparing for JFK landing

I received the inspiration for this post from a post I read a long time ago from Keith from Velvet Escape who has a series of airplane views!

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