Seducing Seattle

December 16, 2011 19 Comments »

Seattle waterfront

Seattle's waterfront shows us that gloomy can be beautiful

This week I made a very quick trip to Seattle thanks to lady luck;  I won a trip from   Even though my time there was short, Seattle managed to seduce me with it’s  food, fresh air, and peaks.  Even though my time was short, I was able to capture a bit of Seattle’s personality through my lens.


Seattle all lit up! The view from the famous Space Needle


Pikes Place Market

Seattle is the home of the farmer's market and it's still a staple there in the heart of downtown.


model airplane

American Made - Boeing proudly calls Seattle home

seattle waterfront

Surrounded by the Puget Sound

Gum Wall

A walk on the weird side...the Seattle Gum Wall

Space Needle

The Space Needle is adorned for the holidays

fresh crab

It's crab season in Seattle!


Festive Markets line the streets of Seattle

Mt. Ranier airport

The sunrise over the Boeing planet and Mt. Ranier - two of Seattle's icons


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