Safe Choices: Solo Female Travel Options

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Image credit: Fall Day at Þingvellir National Park, Iceland by Christine Zenino, used via creative commons

Image credit:
Fall Day at Þingvellir National Park, Iceland by Christine Zenino, used via creative commons

Author Bio: Jenny Clarke has numerous years’ experience as a solo traveller, teaching English in many different countries she regularly blogs about her experiences on the road.

For many, traveling alone is something of a rite of passage. It allows you to take things at your own pace, to discover new things about yourself and it offers the chance to see the world exactly the way you want to, without anyone else’s ideas getting in the way. It can, however, be tough to decide where to go, especially for female travelers going solo. A cheap holiday is often quite appealing however its best to do a lot of research before leaving home, looking at which destinations were safest in terms of accommodation, city attractions and excursions in nature. Below are a few places that I went to and really fell in love with, and that I feel are fairly safe options for female travelers.

Costa Rica

As a country without a military, Costa Rica is possibly one of the safest (and happiest!) countries I’ve ever been to. For years the successive governments have focused on culture rather than warfare (the army was abolished in 1949) and this really shines through in the atmosphere of the place. They’ve also set aside about 25% of their land as protected areas and national parks, which means the place is simply stunning in terms of natural attractions. Cocos Island National Park is the country’s biggest marine conservation area, comprising around 2 million acres and if you’re into scuba diving, I can’t recommend this area enough. You can get some fantastic cheap holiday deals if you’re willing to shop around.


Iceland is a fantastic destination for first-time solo female travelers. Most Icelanders speak fluent English, and since most of the country’s infrastructure is built up around travel, it’s really easy to get around. Crime in Iceland is virtually unheard of, so you needn’t worry about being scammed by taxi drivers or pickpockets. There are tons of day excursions here, which are great for solo travelers as they give you a chance to meet other people, possibly doing similar trips to you. For outdoorsy types like me, glacier hiking is a really wonderful experience, as is snorkeling in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Þingvellir National Park.



Sydney Skyline

Possibly one of my favorite places on earth is Sydney. This thrilling city is utterly gorgeous, with imposing skyscrapers, sandy beaches and that world famous harbor in its midst. I found it to be an amazing experience and really loved my time here. Plus points include the fact that there’s no language barrier, you don’t need to worry about packing for variable weather (summer temperatures rarely drop below 20°C) and there’s a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor activities. Bondi Beach is the obvious must-see, but I’d also recommend the Surry Hills Galleries, which plays host to a totally eclectic mix of art.

Wherever you decide to head for, do your research first. Always pack as lightly as possible and if you’re out and about, try not to look like a tourist! Take a cheap digital camera to get your holiday snaps and don’t carry too much cash at any one time. But most of all just have fun!


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