Have a Little Patience

April 27, 2010 19 Comments »

Lady in Waiting

If you are going to travel around the world, it requires patience.

I hear from many people who want to travel, but they have to wait for the right time to begin their journey. Sometimes they have to wait for money, for a school degree, banking enough time off, for a wedding, for a child to leave the nest, or for work reasons. If you don’t have the patience to sit it out and wait for these things, then I can guarantee that you won’t have the patience to survive the rest of the world like India, SE Asia, and certainly Eastern Africa.

Due to financial reasons, I couldn’t just quit my job immediately and then start planning my around the world travel. Lord knows I wanted to as I was miserable in my day to day life and knew that I had to make changes. Once I did some research and ran my financial numbers, I knew I had to wait for about 2 years before I could really leave my job. Two years is a long time to wait for something as exciting as around the world travel, however it was a necessary part of the preparation process.

What can you do while you wait for the perfect time to escape?

Guide Your Decisions:
Make a trip to your local bookstore and wander through the travel section. I could spend hours in the travel section of a bookstore. Looking thru guides and glossy photo books; reading about festivals all over the world and plotting my own itinerary and dreaming of what is to come.

Read Travel Blogs
The travel blogs are plentiful these days and I can guarantee that with a little research you can find one that ‘speaks to you’ and your situations or style of travel. This is a great chance for you to ask questions and get to know others who have done what you are planning to do! Don’t just read them, engage the bloggers in conversation; we love that! Don’t know where to start? I have a lot of great travel blogs listed on my Link page and of course don’t forget to check out Briefcase to Backpack – it will inspire you!

File it!
Use the above ideas to start a file of research. Cut our clipping, save website urls, bookmark guide books and start jotting down notes about what you want to do and where you want to go. Get organized!

Get Digitally Educated
Odds are that when you do launch into your trip you’ll want to record it digitally via photos or video. So why not use this waiting period to learn one of these skills or improve upon what you may already know. Take a photography class or video editing class and finally learn how to use your camera(s) BEFORE you are on your trip fumbling with the controls and trying to read the user manual.

Speak the language
Why not start to embrace your international wanderlust and brush up on or learn a language of one of the countries you intend to visit. It will most certainly get your excited about your upcoming travels, and you’ll learn more about that country through simply becoming more in tune with the language.

Start Your Own Blog
Start to record your journey; many people blog about their travels, but few people blog about preparing for their travels. You may inspire others by blogging about your preparation mentally and physically.

Consider this ‘waiting period’ as your training for future travel; if you can work at perfecting this skill, then you will be on the road to a good travel experience!

How do you spend your time waiting to travel?

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