Photo of the Week – Purrfect Petra

February 4, 2011 11 Comments »

Petra Cat

A regal pose in front of the Treasury in Petra

Petra’s modern day inhabitants are cats.  They lurk around every monument as if they own the place.  In many places they seem to blend in to their surroundings with their orange fur; the same color as the buildings.  They are pros at ‘working the crowd’; prancing around purring to get tourists attention and hopefully some food.  Mots of the time it works.  I watch tourists pull out bread and cheese from their bags and the cats would do figure eights around their feet purring as loud as they can to get attention.    It’s as if they take turns in the heavily touristed areas around the Treasury and Siq, and then when their shift is over, they  slink off to their secret quiet spots for a at nap.  These cats know exactly what they are doing and they are a large part of Petra; therefore I felt it was important to capture them.  Enjoy this photo documentary on the cats of Petra…meow….

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High Place of Sacrifice Petra Cat

High Place of Sacrifice

petra cat

Inside th Tombs

petra cat

In the Siq

petra cat

The Treasury

Petra Cat

Petra Cat Nap

Petra Cat

Who are you lookin' at?

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