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graffiti prague


One thing is certain no matter where I go in the world, I run into graffiti.  Sometimes it’s painful to see when it scars beautiful doors, buildings, and walls in Europe’s ancient cities.  But sometimes it’s beautiful, artistic, and brings a city together.  I’ve been taking photos of graffiti that captures me for sad or happy reasons as I have traveled the globe and here are some of my favorite shots.

Graffiti is art or an eyesore around the world?  Let me know what you think in the comments!

graffiti barcelona


graffiti london


graffiti beirut


graffiti nyc

New York City

graffiti amsterdam


graffiti vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City

graffiti milan


graffiti hawaii

Oahu Hawaii

graffiti russia


graffiti prage

Caught in the act - Prague

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  1. I have really learned to appreciate graffiti art during my travels in South America. I hope to have a collection of photos of graffiti like this from around the world.

    The photo from London is very cool!

  2. JoAnna says:

    I really like tasteful, artistic graffiti. I wish people wouldn’t tag stuff for gang affiliations and just for vandalism’s sake, but when it’s art, that’s different.

  3. Don Faust says:

    I love great graffiti… simple tagging and scribbling, not at all.

    If you find yourself in Philly at some point in the future – you have to check out their sponsored mural project, currently the largest in the US. It was originally created to help curb ugly graffiti, and replace with great art on the side of row houses and buildings. The Mural Mile is a great walk past some really great work.

  4. Like you, I am often torn about this subject. Graffiti can be great art, but when it defaces beautiful old buildings or historic sites I think it is disgraceful. On the other hand, I love it when it is done as murals on walls, in subway stations, etc. Like everything else, there is a time and a place.

  5. Audrey says:

    I tend to put graffiti into two boxes these days – street art (murals, paintings, etc.) and tagging. I love the former and hate the latter. I really don’t see any artistic merit in tagging – it just seems destructive.

    However, I love cities full of street murals, paintings and quirky characters on walls.

  6. Alouise says:

    I gotta echo the other sentiments – I like street art on the right buildings/structures, but tagging not so much.

  7. Mark H says:

    So when does graffiti become art? It seems to be in the eye of the beholder? Which of the above would be considered “art”?

  8. jaymo says:

    I appreciate the better, more accomplished work that’s in the right place…a block wall on an urban building side, or perhaps a compound wall. For some reason, it annoys me to no end to see it on stone. I guess to me the paint is transitory, where the stone is permanent and thus deserves more “respect”.

  9. Anyiko says:

    I love colour, so i go with the Prague graffiti. The London one seems a little too much.

    Also love the Milan. It has that Banksy touch. Simple but still expressive of something.

  10. I saw a great documentary about street art vs graffiti on the plane. It was all about a rivalry between banksy and another artist. It made for great viewing!

  11. A lot of people frown upon graffiti, but I acutally appreciate this more and more through my travels. It’s like a global language and there’s always something colourful or fun skillfully displayed. Love it.

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