My Best Gear For Travel

November 28, 2017 1 Comment »

best gear for travel

If you read my blog, then you probably like to travel and have a trip or two planned for 2018! Remember how Underdog comes in to save the day? Well, that’s what this post is all about. As you plan for your upcoming travels in 2018, this post will give you some great ideas on […]

The Essential Camino de Santiago Packing List

May 9, 2017 11 Comments »

camino de santiago questions

The Camino de Santiago is the ultimate epic hike.  It’s an ancient pilgrimage route to the shrine of the apostle St. James in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.  There are dozens of routes that lead from all parts of Europe to Santiago de Compostela. However, the most popular route is the Way of Saint […]

How to Pack for an Antarctica Cruise

March 14, 2017 12 Comments »

Antartica Packing List

If you are going to the bottom of the world, one would think you are simply packing the warmest stuff you can find – but there’s much more to an Antarctica packing list than warm clothes! I’ve been to Antarctica twice now, and each time I was surprised to find out the weather wasn’t as […]

Flying Tips on How to Deal with Long Flights

February 2, 2017 10 Comments »

Tips for long haul flights

The Niece Project 5.0 had a bumpy start. We had no idea that simply getting there would be so hard. Throughout the continuous bad news of delays, lost luggage, and changed itineraries, I thought about the learnings and flying tips we could take away from it. Specifically, I thought about the lessons it would teach […]

My Favorite Travel Photography Gear

November 23, 2016 10 Comments »

Travel Photography gear guide

I wish I had my other lens with me for this shot. I should’ve packed my tripod. Why didn’t I bring my filters with me? I need my other camera bag for this hike. These are frequent thoughts that run through my mind on every trip; I never seem to have the photography gear I […]

Taking the Leap from DSLR to Mirrorless

November 17, 2016 15 Comments »

switch from DSLR to Mirrorless

Making an initial camera brand choice for the serious photographer is difficult because it sets you in a direction that dictates years of gear to come.  In the past, your choices were primarily Canon and Nikon.   After you build up that arsenal of initial equipment, you never contemplate making a costly switch to a new […]

What to Pack When Traveling in Rainy Season

July 7, 2016 3 Comments »

travel gear for rain

I write a lot about not letting the weather stop your travel plans, because there’s never a perfect time to go. If you decide to skip places becuase of rainy season, then you are going to miss most of Southeast Asia – and trust me, you don’t want to do that! The key is to […]

99 Best Travel Tips (and Some Life Tips, too!)

September 10, 2015 67 Comments »

I’ve been on the road for 9 years (actually, it’s now up to 17 years traveling in 2024!) to all continents and about 65 countries and I normally shy away from doling out my best travel tips, as everyone’s tastes are different. But after all this time living on the road, I think I have […]