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An Unexpected Find in Merida’s Historic Center

December 7, 2021 No Comments »

merida historic center

In an effort to bring you some new voices on Ottsworld, here is a guest post from traveler Vicki Hill. Vicki is a good friend of mine who traveled with me to Merida Mexico. It was her first trip to Mexico and her excitement for the culture was infectious. Like the great curious traveler she […]

What to do in Mérida with a Focus on Traveling Local

December 2, 2021 No Comments »

things to do in merida

Sometimes we overlook the things that are closest to us – it’s human nature. And maybe that explains why I overlooked Mexico in lieu of further-off, more exotic locations. But when I finally reached into the drawer to dust off my passport for the first time since the pandemic, I decided Mérida Mexico was the […]

Take an Adventure Filled Sea of Cortez Cruise Baja Mexico

March 22, 2016 3 Comments »

Un-cruise adventures sea of cortez

I looked up at the twinkling Milky Way and soaked it all in. I was on a remote beach surrounded by limestone cliffs and a glowing bonfire. Waves gently crashed on shore providing a rhythm to my thoughts. The smell of mesquite wafted through the air as I contemplated my tiny little life engulfed in […]

Why Go to the Sea of Cortez

March 15, 2016 10 Comments »

Sea of Cortez

The first 3 days of the cruise I was on I kept thinking “Why the Sea of Cortez? What’s so special about it? Why should people come here as opposed to all the other great places in the world?” Sure – this burnt-orange landscape without trees and clouds is stark and stunning, and the turquoise […]

Week In-stagram Review San Agustin Etla

February 5, 2016 6 Comments »

san agustin etla

Every evening at 5:30, it happens…the aroma starts to waft through the streets of San Agustin Etla, my temporary home for a month. My olfactory senses take over, and I’m walking up the hill just so I can get a whiff of one of the best smells in the world. Bread. The little local bakery […]