Prince Edward Island

Price Edward Island, called the “Gentle Island,” was made famous by the author Lucy Maud Montgomery who wrote the Anne of Green Gables series

All over the Prince Edward island (PEI) I felt like my most memorable experiences were meeting the local people who all seemed to be entrepreneurial in spirit. I found myself drawn to them and their small businesses. It seemed to awaken a side of me that lies dormant like the lobster in the off season. I found myself fantasizing about settling down, getting a little room for rent and staying for a while – maybe getting involved in small business – or simply writing and eating fresh lobster all week. Many of them were around my age, maybe that’s why I felt connected to them. They each took a leap and set out into the unknown wiling to take on risk. And for most of them I met – it seemed to be paying off.

Things to do in Price Edward Island :

  • Take a scenic drive around the island. There are many to choose from – all well marked with their own logo – and are a great way to discover lighthouses, historic sights, churches, meadows of wildflowers, harbors and fishing villages.
  • Learn about the fishing industry and how lobsters are caught on a tourist charter with Captain Mark of Top Notch Charters. You can even set buoys, pull out traps and band claws.

Food in Prince Edward Island :

It’s really easy to get caught up in the delicious seafood in PEI – after all it’s an Island full of fishermen. However it’s also an island that is know for it’s potatoes, and it doesn’t stop there, as all crops grow well there. It’s an amazing combination of farmers and fishermen that make this one incredible culinary island.

  • For a true farm to table experience – in a renovated church no less – that takes you from harvesting ingredients in the garden to preparing dishes in the kitchen to enjoying a community meal in the dining room.
  • There is nothing more PEI authentic than a picnic of freshly harvested oysters from Colville Bay Oyster Company.
  • Terre Rouge Bistro Marche offers a cool hip atmosphere and an inventive, fresh, local-focused menu.

Pictures of Prince Edward Island :

Storybook fishing villages, towering lighthouses, and piles of fresh seafood Oh My!!  Take a visual adventure around Prince Edward Island through my photo gallery!

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