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Go Barrel to Bar With this Kentucky Bourbon Experience

January 22, 2019 3 Comments »

kentucky bourbon louisville

If you are the type of person who would travel to Louisville just to experience the Kentucky bourbon industry there, then you’ve probably already done your fair share of distillery tours. I was that person. I had been through the ‘This is how you distill liquor’ tour a million times and was looking for something […]

Sleeping in History – Beaumont Inn

May 18, 2010 3 Comments »

Harrodsburg, Kentucky, may be small, but it’s loaded with character. In fact, it claims to be the ‘Oldest town in Kentucky.’ Their tourist board (yes, this little town of 8,000 people has its own tourist board) describes Harrodsburg as ‘bursting with historic charm.’ They are absolutely right. The town itself has self-guided historic walks , […]

Shakin’ it up in Kentucky

May 13, 2010 13 Comments »

Back when I had furniture and lived a normal life working 9 to 5 everyday, I had an affinity to Shaker style furniture. My dining room set, as well as a number of little tables, were the shaker style; the simplicity and lines were always appealing to me. So when we had a few extra […]

Traveling the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky

May 11, 2010 11 Comments »

There is only one spirit that America can claim, and that’s Bourbon. It was created here, and can only be made here in America – we’ve got the monopoly on Bourbon. On my recent trip to Kentucky, I learned that two important things come out of Kentucky – fast horses and bourbon. I luckily experienced […]

Play Ball!

May 6, 2010 2 Comments »

If baseball is America’s game, then Louisville must be America’s city. Why? One of the best-known baseball products comes from Louisville; a long rounded piece of wood we call the baseball bat. The famous Louisville Slugger baseball bats are actually manufactured in downtown Louisville and it’s a great stop for those visiting the area. Since […]

Mad Hatters: Kentucky Derby Hats

May 4, 2010 19 Comments »

kentucky derby hat

Where am I? From a fashion perspective, it looks like Park Ave., but there are no skyscrapers. A vendor walks by with three dozen mint juleps in his ‘Ice Box’ crate; I smell an odor of horses and cigars. For one brief day, this town was the queen of the fashion world and the King […]