Hawaii – Maui

Things to do in Hawaii – Maui :

Explore Haleakala Mountain by bike with the Haleakala Bike Company.

Cruise down the Kahekili Highway and take in incredible views, rocky cliffs and crashing waves along this little known road.

Take on some gnarly waves and learn how to surf with the instructors and Luna the surfing dog at Maui Surfer Girls.

My favorite experience on Maui was an afternoon rowing with Hawaiian Paddle Sports – combining high adventure with Hawaiian culture and history.

Hotels in Hawaii – Maui :

For the person who wants to be amidst the best tourist activities and enjoys a little pampering – Ka’anapali Ali’i Resort and Condos.

For the foodie who is looking for a less touristy experience and enjoys privacy in paradise – Mama’s Fish House and Inn.

For the person looking for a local experience, and may not need all of the frills or hand-holding – Sunny Maui Condos.

Food in Hawaii – Maui :

O’o Farms offers a true farm to table dining experience where you can participate in gathering the ingredients for a ridiculously tasty meal.

If gorgeous ocean views and stunning sunrises set your soul on fire, sail on over here to my Hawaii – Maui photo gallery.

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