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Amusing Myself

June 18, 2013 15 Comments »

Who goes to an amusement park solo? Me. Yes – I’m a bit of a freak – but I refuse to let solo be an obstacle. There’s no better feeling than riding a roller coaster solo, or standing in line solo surrounded by young kids to ride the twister solo. Yup – that’s right – […]

Good Timing – Copenhagen in Pictures

June 13, 2013 12 Comments »

Rosenborg castle copenhagen

I arrived in Copenhagen having done no real prior research about the place except for how to get to my hostel from the train station.  To my surprise, as got out of the subway and started walking down the street towards my hostel address suddenly there was a crowd of people gathering in front of […]

Copenhagen Attractions on a Budget

June 11, 2013 7 Comments »

Nyhavn Harbor image

I looked at my bag full of cereal bars and bananas and one thought ran through my mind – “Visiting Copenhagen could be the best way to lose weight ever.” Yes, I know that Copenhagen is known for some of the best restaurants in the world, however, Copenhagen (and all of Scandinavia) is also known […]

Turning Construction into Art

May 9, 2013 8 Comments »

street art copenhagen

I felt as if the whole city of Copenhagen was under construction. All of the beautiful squares and plazas were not only torn up, but they were dusty, and loud. The sounds of equipment was in the air as I tried to visit many of the famous buildings and squares around town. The city is […]