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A Special Deal

January 31, 2007 8 Comments »

View Thailand Photography My sister, Cyndi, and our friend Mary decided to come join me in Bangkok and Southern Thailand for some shopping and sunbathing. Thanks to my sister’s friends with connections this also marked the beginning of my 5 star travel through Thailand. Cyndi knew someone who could get a ‘special deal’ at the […]

How to Use an Asian Toilet

January 27, 2007 18 Comments »

how to use an asian toilet

All of The guide books make reference to it; the Asian toilet a.k.a. Squatty Potty, but no one from Lonely Planet is telling you how to use it. There is no diagram or map, they just let you figure it out yourself. For all of the ladies out there planning to travel to Asia, read […]

Can you Spare a Square?

January 26, 2007 19 Comments »

View ‘Food of Thailand’ Photography Throughout my adult life I have strived for change and trying different things. I hate doing the same thing twice or going to the same place twice – I’d rather have a bikini wax than do something that I’ve already done…been there…done that. However – I have a few weird […]