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Family Time

February 3, 2009 No Comments »

I spent the last week in Singapore soaking up the familiartiy of family, western food, western driving ettiquette, and even a little country hopping for spa time.  Since HCMC apparently shuts down for Tet, I decided to take advantage of the time off and spend some time with my family.  All I can say is […]


December 2, 2007 1 Comment »

Photo: My sister and I As I started to count the number of countries I’ve visited for my sister’s Red Hot Holiday Party invitation, I also counted up the number of countries she traveled to with me. Surprisingly, the number came to about two-thirds of the total. Sure – I counted a country if she […]

The Importance of Family When You Travel

April 6, 2007 1 Comment »


I have immense joy in my heart around my time in Singapore, and because of that I have immense sadness that I am leaving Singapore. There are so many aspects to these emotions. Singapore as My Asian Home Base First off, there’s the obvious – it’s a great home base to travel around Asia. It […]

Piercing Palooza: Thaipusam

February 3, 2007 4 Comments »

Warning – these pictures are not for the faint of heart! If you have any aversion to needles or piercings – then move on to my Orchid post instead. The Orchids are completely zen. A special note to my high school friend, Audra…considering you fainted when you got your ears pierced in high school, I […]

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