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Manila – Glazed or Filled?

April 17, 2009 7 Comments »

 View snapshots of the softball tournament Manila offered something that was totally unexpected; a western diet. When I left NYC last August to head to Vietnam, I left behind McDonalds, Chipotle, Starbucks, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, and Dairy Queen. None of this exists in Ho Chi Minh City which is probably why I have lost […]

Ups and Downs – Trekking to Batad

April 14, 2009 11 Comments »

View Philippine Rice Terrace Photography Nora had been teaching me many things along our hike; what berries to eat, how to catch dragon flies and save them for dinner, and roots to chew on to soothe a sore throat or cough. However one thing that still baffled me was when she would talk about native […]

Girl Power – Trekking in the Philippines

April 10, 2009 6 Comments »

Trekking in the Philippines

  View Rice Terrace Trekking Photography My lunch was packed, my sunscreen was on, my backpack was prepared, and my chariot tricycle pulled up outside my hotel. When the trike pulled up, it appeared to be already full making me slightly confused. Nora greeted me and introduced Joy, my porter. Nora explained that she hired […]

Rice Culture – Travel in the Philippines

April 6, 2009 7 Comments »

View Philippine Rice Terrace Photography I love rice. Rice pudding, fried rice, red beans and rice, rice krispies, wild rice, sticky rice, and even young rice ice cream (there really is such a flavor in Saigon!). I even applied to be on the show Survivor once; that’s how much I like rice.  However my passion […]

Philippine Travel Destinations: My Itinerary

March 31, 2009 8 Comments »

I had been hearing about the amazing beaches in the Philippines for years now, so I always had it on my list as a ‘must see’. I had the perfect opportunity to travel to the Philippines for my niece’s softball tournament so I thought this would be my chance to finally experience the Philippine beach […]

Getting To Your Destination

March 30, 2009 3 Comments »

I’m out of practice. I forgot what it was like to have a long travel day; planes, buses, taxis, negotiating the unknown on your own. Getting to your desired travel destination can be like running in a travel obstacle course! Granted, I think I am pretty skilled at this, but it’s been about 6 months […]