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Back Into Thin Air – Mt. Kinabalu

March 2, 2007 16 Comments »

I remember this feeling…the exhilaration, the pain, the lightheadedness, the ache in my body, the nausea, the determination. I’m back in high altitude again. Testing my body and mind again. I’m wondering what it is about this painful experience that continues to draw me in. Whatever it is – I’m here – at 10,000 ft….again. […]

Muddy Waters – Borneo

February 28, 2007 5 Comments »

View Borneo Photography View Snapshots of Borneo Borneo…maybe you’ve heard of it – but do you even know where it is? I’m sure that if I gave you a globe you’d all have trouble putting your finger on it. What if I told you that it is the worlds 3rd largest island…are you surprised? It […]