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Things They Don’t Tell You About Kilimanjaro

January 30, 2017 20 Comments »

Kilimanjaro hike

“No need to cry – the mountain isn’t going anywhere – you can try again.” That statement made by my Kilimanjaro guide, Douglas, has stuck with me for 17 years. In a way, it’s actually haunted me. I started my career break and eventual life of nomadic travel writer 17 years ago when I flew […]

Sometimes I Fail – Kilimanjaro

October 8, 2012 22 Comments »

Me in front of Kilimanjaro covered in clouds

I’ve been talking and writing a lot about career breaks lately, which has coincidently got me thinking about the original career break I took in 2006. When I left my job and flew to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro, I had high hopes of summiting and starting off my year of travels on a successful note. […]

Beyond the Mountain – Zanzibar

October 15, 2006 1 Comment »

View Tanzania Photography Tanzania was similar to Kenya in many ways – people were still walking everywhere, agriculture was the main ‘industry’, tribal life was the norm and the heavy meat diet was the staple. However, Tanzania had some additional issues around electricity. When we arrived in Tanzania, we were told that the electricity would […]

A Sister’s Perspective – Kilimanjaro

October 9, 2006 No Comments »

This is a note that my sister sent out to her family and friends regarding the climb! She has a great perspective on the whole thing – so I thought I would add this to the blog so that you could all get the perspective from someone who actually made it to the top of […]


October 9, 2006 22 Comments »


WARNING: Just a friendly warning before you start reading this post…if you have any issues regarding reading about bodily functions…I suggest you look at the pictures and don’t read this post! The mountain was CHALLENGING…and your body is taxed in many different ways! As most of you know – I’m not shy about telling it […]