Things to do in Morocco :

  • Take a desert safari complete with a camel train, chicken tanjine and melon dinner and sleeping outside under the stars.
  • Go to Fez and visit the leather dying vats, the carpet shops and the incredible medina that completely seduces all of your senses.
  • Travel to Chefchaouen and experience all artsy, laid back blue-ness the mountain city has to offer.

Hotels in Morocco :

  • Riads are historic homes in Morocco that have been renovated into a sort of boutique hotel with a large courtyard surrounded by rooms.

Food in Morocco :

  • Mint tea is the drink of choice in Morocco – with its own accompanying ritual and copious amount of sugar!

Pictures of Morocco :

Think Morocco is just a palette of desert browns? Think again! Explore all of the colors that Morocco has on display here in my photo gallery!

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Goats in Trees!

July 14, 2007 6 Comments »

View Morocco Photography View snapshots of goats climbing in trees Since I really didn’t have a book about Morocco, I was learning things as I was experiencing them, as well as learning about things through my other travel partners that had ample books on Morocco. After the first week, someone in my group mentioned in […]