Things to do in Morocco :

  • Take a desert safari complete with a camel train, chicken tanjine and melon dinner and sleeping outside under the stars.
  • Go to Fez and visit the leather dying vats, the carpet shops and the incredible medina that completely seduces all of your senses.
  • Travel to Chefchaouen and experience all artsy, laid back blue-ness the mountain city has to offer.

Hotels in Morocco :

  • Riads are historic homes in Morocco that have been renovated into a sort of boutique hotel with a large courtyard surrounded by rooms.

Food in Morocco :

  • Mint tea is the drink of choice in Morocco – with its own accompanying ritual and copious amount of sugar!

Pictures of Morocco :

Think Morocco is just a palette of desert browns? Think again! Explore all of the colors that Morocco has on display here in my photo gallery!

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Losing my Marbles – Hostage Crisis at an Airport Hotel

July 23, 2007 10 Comments »

After nearly 11 months of travel, it finally happened – I finally reached the end of my rope. Thanks to Egypt Air and Royal Air Maroc Airlines – I nearly had a nervous breakdown that was colossal. I actually had visions of me ending up in a Moroccan jail, arrested by the airport police in […]

Moroccan Rainbow – Final Thoughts

July 18, 2007 3 Comments »

View Morocco Photography I’m sure you might be surprised that I didn’t use the obvious title choice for this Moroccan send-off post – Rockin’ the Kasbah… I did actually think about it, but that’s not what I think of when I examine my parting thoughts about Morocco. From the moment I started journeying around Morocco […]

Turning down the volume…Tangier, Essaouria, and Chefchaouen

July 15, 2007 3 Comments »

View Morocco Photography  View snapshots of Chbefchaouen and Tangier View Photos of Essaouria  The last week of travel through Morocco was when I finally hit my groove…I had started to get really comfortable with ‘real’ travel again. When I first arrived in Morocco – I was rather tense, on guard, and untrusting. Marrakech was a […]

Goats in Trees!

July 14, 2007 6 Comments »

View Morocco Photography View snapshots of goats climbing in trees Since I really didn’t have a book about Morocco, I was learning things as I was experiencing them, as well as learning about things through my other travel partners that had ample books on Morocco. After the first week, someone in my group mentioned in […]

The Grand Puba of Morocco – Fez

July 12, 2007 2 Comments »

View Morocco Photography View snapshots of Fez Prior to 10 months ago, the only time I had anyone utter the word fez was on the TV show Happy Days. I’m sure that you all remember Mr. Cunningham and his Grand Puba group – as a member of the Grand Puba, he had to wear a […]

Pass The Barf Bag Please; Wonderings On a Bus

July 8, 2007 14 Comments »

  I’m feeling a bit reflective. I haven’t felt that way for a while…or maybe it’s just been in my head and I haven’t let it out in a while. I’m on a bus in Morocco traveling between Cefchaouan and Tangier…a 4 hr bus ride from hell. It’s hot; extremely hot, the air conditioning isn’t […]

Sand In Every Orifice – The Sahara

July 6, 2007 1 Comment »

View Morocco Photography View snapshots of the Sarhara Desert We had been driving for about 4 hours when we turned off the bumpy road onto the flat expanse of desert. You could see for miles. There were no roads, just a few tire tracks and a bunch of signs sticking in the sand advertising various […]

Culural Trekking in Morocco

July 5, 2007 1 Comment »

trekking in morocco

We spent our first week in Morocco mainly enjoying the country side. We had a couple of days in Marrakech to look around the medina (old neighborhood) and the souks – it was nice, but not a place I would go back to. I have mainly enjoyed getting out of the bigger cities with crowds […]

It’s a Dry Heat and a Dry Country – Morocco

July 4, 2007 2 Comments »

View Morocco Photography View snapshots of Morocco – the first week For the last week in addition to my 50 lbs of luggage, I’ve been toting around eye drops, lip balm, and alcohol – welcome to Morocco. It’s dry here…the orange ground begging for water, the sun burning brightly every day. My eyes are thirsting for […]