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Lamu – a Hidden Paradise

October 8, 2006 No Comments »

We arrived in Lamu Kenya (Pronounced – ‘la-moo’) yesterday via a small 20 passenger plane and a very good looking your pilot! When we arrived at the small airfield it was lightly sprinkling, but by the time they took our luggage out on a little 2 wheel wooden cart and wheeled it off the runway, […]

Kenya Hospitality

October 8, 2006 1 Comment »

Kenya was a real mix of classes – poor and ‘well -off’ – at times it was such a wide gap to take in – that it really kind of made your stomach turn. I can’t simply say that I just experienced this only in Kenya – I experienced it all over Eastern Africa. In […]

Safari – Are we going to move?????

October 8, 2006 No Comments »

View Photography of Safari and Samburu Tribe We’ve seen some amazing animals here – you can get so close with no boundaries.  When I was young we used to go on field trips to Wild Life Prairie Park outside of Peoria – there you see animals in their ‘natural habitat’.  It offered the animals large […]

Kenyan Food – Bring on the meat!!

October 8, 2006 1 Comment »

Kenyan food is a vegetarian’s nightmare as well as a Atkin’s dieter’s nightmare – luckily – I’m neither of these so I am enjoying this meat heavy, carbo loaded Kenyan diet I am on! The food is hearty with many stew-like dishes with rice – yet the sauces they use have a distinct Indian flair […]