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September 6, 2009 5 Comments »

Sometimes you have to ignore the signs...

Sometimes you have to ignore the signs...

A quick little post about tooting my own horn…hell – if I don’t do it – then who will?  This summer I was lucky enough to be featured on some other websites, in magazines, and even a travel radio show!  This summer may very well have been my 10 minutes of fame; poof – it’s all gone and used up, so I might as well relish it for a while!  Toot!

Escape from Corporate America:
Pam Skillings did an interview of my Corporate Escape on her website recently.  If you’re new to my blog – you can actually read this quick little article and get my background of how I ended up here bloggin in Vietnam.
Daring Tales of Corporate Escape – Sherry Ott, World Traveler

Photographer of the Month on the Wandering Educators:
I gladly accept this honor of Photographer of the Month…wait a minute – where’s the red carpet?  Regardless, I was thrilled to be chosen and have a chance to talk about my photography and share it with a new audience!
Wandering Educators Photographer of the Month – Sherry Ott

Vietnam Blogging:
AsiaLIFE Magazine recently interviewed me for an article they were doing on Bloggers Abroad.  AsiaLIFE is a Vietnam English magazine simliar to TimeOut.  It’s essential to learning what’s going on in HCMC and HaNoi!  I was thrilled to be included with a small group of expat bloggers in Vietnam – I was in great company!
Bloggers Abroad

Why we Travel:
Transitions Abroad and author Nora Dunn interviewed me for an article on The Motivation for Long Term Travel.  I was included with a great group of other long term travelers and we gave our insights into why we do it.  A question I”m sure you’re all dying to know – so check out my response!
The Motivation for Long Term Travel – by Nora Dunn

KPAM Radio: 
For the record – I also recently did an on air interview on living in Vietnam for a travel show on KPAM Radio in Portland, Oregon.  I haven’t figure out how to upload that here – so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

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